Devyn Holmes, Facebook Live Shooting Victim, Speaks for the First Time

Devyn Holmes was shot in the head on Facebook Live in early April. The last update on his recovery revealed that Holmes was starting to breathe on his own and able to wiggle his fingers and toes. There is now another happy update, as Holmes appears to be speaking.

(If you missed the video, scroll down to the bottom of this article.)

Recap on Devyn Holmes’ Condition

When we last got an update on Holmes’ condition, he was able to breathe approximately 80% on his own. He was also beginning to be able to respond to verbal commands with small gestures by blinking in response to a question, as well as wiggling his fingers and toes.

Holmes’ condition was a direct result of being shot in the head while sitting in a car with two friends.

In the video that was being live streamed to Facebook, Holmes commented that he was nervous because Cassandra Damper, who was sitting beside him, was playing with the gun.

Cadillac Coleman, who sat in the back and whose account the video was streamed on, said Holmes shouldn’t be nervous as the gun wasn’t loaded.

However, the gun went off and a bullet went into Devyn Holmes’ head.

If it wasn’t for the first aid efforts of a nearby firefighter, his situation would likely have been much worse.

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An Update on Devyn’s Progress

Holmes’ sister, Shayla Holmes, let the world know more about her brother’s latest progress via Facebook and GoFundMe.

In the update, she revealed that Holmes is now off the respirator. In fact, he has been breathing 100% on his own since April 22.

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He is still physically responding to commands. But the big news with regards to his recovery is that he has spoken for the first time since the incident.

According to Shayla, “Devyn has also whispered his first word, which was ‘All right’ in response to someone telling him something.”

While saying one word may seem like a small thing, it is an incredibly positive sign for Devyn Holmes’ mental faculties.

How People Can Help

Holmes’ medical care and ongoing treatment are expensive. If you would like to help, there are a few different ways you can contribute. The main way is to make a donation to his GoFundMe page. At the time of this writing, nearly $40,000 of the $100,000 goal had been raised.

There is also a Facebook page that continues to publish updates on Holmes’ health and gives out information on various fundraisers and events used to help raise money for his care.

See the Facebook Live Video Here: Devyn Holmes: Man Shot in Cadillac Coleman Facebook Live Video Is on Life Support