Denise Marsh Wiki: Cyclist Killed by Distracted Driver in Davie, Florida

A shocking road accident in Davie, Florida led to the death of a cyclist, Denise Marsh, on Sunday morning, November 25. A distracted driver reportedly struck a group of cyclists, injuring six and killing Marsh. Denise Marsh was a well-known personality in her local community and her tragic death has shocked many people.

Distracted Driver Hits Cyclists, Kills Denise Marsh

Davie Police reports state that Nicole Vanderweit, 33, struck a group of 14 bike riders with her 2012 Honda Fit Sunday. The crash happened around 8:30 a.m. near Southwest 148th Avenue.

About Denise Marsh
DeathNovember 25, 2018 Davie, Florida
AddressWeston, Florida
CountryUnited States
OwnsMarsh Amplification LLC
AffiliationCycling Family Broward
AlumniBroward College
Age53 Years

Denise Marsh, 53, was one of the victims who were transported to Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale. She unfortunately passed away in the hospital.

Six other victims, including a 14-year-old boy, were reported injured. Another cyclist, Carlos Rodriguez, 62, is reportedly in critical condition.

Vanderweit remained on the scene and cooperated with authorities, who said they do not believe speed, drugs, or alcohol were a factor in the accident. The driver is also believed not to have been on her phone during the accident.

“(The driver) did say that she was distracted by something in her vehicle,” said Sgt. Mark Leone, a spokesperson for the Davie Police Department. “We’re unsure of what it was. That, coupled with the sun shining directly down the road at a very low spot at that time of the morning, is something that we’re investigating as causes of this crash.”

Police reports indicate the cyclists were riding in two columns when Vanderweit struck the outer row of riders. She swerved off the road upon impact.

Who Is Denise Marsh?

Denise Marsh, a native of Bloomfield, New Jersey, turned 53 years old this November. She was married and is survived by two sons.

Marsh resided in Weston, Florida. Before that, she worked in New Jersey. Since 2002, she had been office manager of Marsh Amplification, LLC in Weston, which she also co-owned.

At the age of 48, she decided to pursue an associate of arts degree in business from Broward College in 2014. She graduated summa cum laude in May 2018, with a GPA of 3.92.

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She Was a Passionate Cyclist

Marsh and the other victims are part of the local group, Cycling Family Broward. From the looks of her Facebook, her sons also shared her love for cycling. Her untimely death has deeply saddened the cyclist community in Fort Lauderdale.

Posted by Denise Marsh on Thursday, October 4, 2018

The biking enthusiasts of Cycling Family Broward usually ride in the Davie area during the weekends. They also ride often for charitable causes such as breast cancer awareness.

Marsh and her fellow cyclists were participating in one of their annual Thanksgiving weekend rides on Sunday. That, however, ended on a tragic note when she was killed in the car crash.

Vanderweit has not been charged with anything yet. She has reportedly consented to authorities checking her phone. Vanderweit was previously fined $292.00 for speeding.