Dena Dean Update 2018: DNA Could Bring Closure to the Case

Dena Dean was last seen alive on June 6, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Six days later, her dead body was discovered in a field. The body was found highly decomposed, which pretty much destroyed any evidence that could incriminate the killer/killers. The case became a cold case, going unsolved for 20 years. Now new evidence has given hope to Dean’s family that the case could finally be solved in 2018. Dean’s family is waiting for the moment when they can close the book on this horrible tragedy.

June 6, 1998, started out like any other normal day for teenager Dena Ann Dean in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

About Dena Ann Dean
Age16 Years
BirthFebruary 26, 1982
DeathJune 6, 1998
ParentsLarry Dean, Diana Dean

Born on February 26, 1982, Dean was a happy 16-year-old girl who went to work at Arby’s restaurant on the west side of Tulsa as usual that Saturday.

Later that day, her mother received a call from Dean. The teenager told her mom that she was meeting someone at the Marvin’s store at Town West Shopping Center. The person she was meeting was her boyfriend.

Dean Ann Dean

Dena Dean; Image:

Dean left the shopping center later that day, whether by force or voluntarily, leaving her car behind.

Tragically, it was the last time that Dena Dean was ever seen alive. Her family and friends became worried when she did not turn up at home in the evening, and they went out to search for her.

Dena Dean Goes Missing

They found out that Dean’s car was still in the parking lot…and their worry went several notches higher.

Several days went by, with Dena Dean’s parents Diana and Larry Dean waiting in vain for any news of their darling daughter.

When the news finally came after a week, it was the worst news a parent could ever get.

Dena Dean’s Body Discovered

Six days after she went missing, Dean’s body was discovered in a local field, which doubled as a dumping ground. Dean had been dumped there much like trash. The hot and humid conditions in Tulsa that month had caused Dean’s body to decompose quickly, and probably caused the destruction of any evidence that the killer could have left behind.

Who Could Dena Dean’s Killer Be?

In spite of the highly decomposed condition of Dean’s body, the coroner was able to rule the death as a homicide. Dean had met a horrible and painful death. Her jaw had been broken on both sides of her face, among other injuries.

Her parents and the people of Tulsa were left grappling with a searing question: Why would anybody kill a young girl in such a horrific and bloody manner?

And there was an even bigger question: Who had killed the 16-year-old Dena Dean?

Her family suspected Dean’s boyfriend, Michael Converse, She was supposed to meet him the evening she disappeared.

But what could be the motive? The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department found out that Dean had previously told Converse that she was pregnant.

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This was proved to be false. Dena Dean’s autopsy showed that she had never been pregnant. So it’s possible that Dean had lied to Converse or that she believed she was pregnant but was mistaken.

According to News On 6, Dean was meeting Converse at his workplace that day to tell him she wasn’t pregnant after all.

Apparently, Converse’s father also went to the mall, possibly to confront Dean about her claiming to be pregnant. Witnesses say Converse’s uncle was with him.

This information, allegedly coming from multiple witnesses, has fed the theory that the boyfriend’s father, Reverend Robert Converse, may have been involved in Dean’s murder. The uncle as well.

Both Dean’s parents and the investigators seemed confident that they knew who was responsible for the killing. The problem was that they did not have any evidence to support their theory. They couldn’t make an arrest.

Dena Dean’s Family Never Gave up Hope

Due to the lack of any evidence, Dean’s killing became a cold case. However, Dean’s family never gave up hope that the killer/killers of their daughter would be eventually caught by the law.

Posted by Catherine Doak on Thursday, June 6, 2013

On June 6 every year since then, Dean’s family has been holding a memorial for Dena Dean and praying that the case will be officially solved.

New Technology Provides a Break in 2018

Their prayers may finally be answered. In 2018 ,there was a break in the case. New DNA evidence has emerged that could help the investigators pinpoint Dean’s killer more than 20 years after the girl was murdered and dumped ruthlessly.

Dena Dean’s Murder Case Chronicled in New Series

The case has gotten a great deal of publicity recently. So people are curious to know the details of the case and the name of the possible killer/killers. Investigation Discovery’s (ID) all-new series Killer Unknown is airing their first episode at 10:00 p.m. EST on Saturday night, November 24, 2018, covering the two-decades-old murder and its investigation.

The six-part series will chronicle the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Task Force as they re-examine Dena Dean’s case and other cases with a fresh perspective. They talk to concerned people, including the victim’s family members, and use modern technology to generate leads in these unsolved murder cases.

Her Family’s Waiting for Closure

Posted by LaWanda McCully Carter on Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dena Dean’s family is hoping that the renewed investigation into her case will identify and catch her killer/killers. If that happens soon, they will finally get closure on a horrific episode in their lives that has devastated them.

Dena Dean is dead, but if her murderer(s) are caught and punished, her family and the people of Tulsa will once again believe that the long arm of the law spares no one.

Anybody with information about Dena Dean’s disappearance or homicide is requested to call the TCSO Task Force’s office at 918-596-5723.

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