Florida Math Teacher David Swinyar Suspended for Using N-Word, Calling Kids Dumb

David Swinyar, a middle school teacher in Florida, was suspended after he allegedly used the N-word in class and told pupils they should not date African-American boys because they are “not worth it.” Swinyar was suspended for 10 days, but not fired.

David Swinyar, a math teacher at Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida, was suspended for allegedly making racist comments last October. While teaching his math class, the 48-year-old decided to talk to students about the word “f**k” after he heard some of them using it in his classroom.

“If my daughter was dating someone who used the ‘f’ word, I wouldn’t have any respect for that n****r,” Swinyar said.

Swinyar allegedly dispensed additional racist dating advice, saying, “If your boyfriend says bad things to you and/or treats you wrong, that means that he’s acting like a n****r.”

He also told his students, “You all should not be dating all these different African Americans [sic] boys because they are not worth it.”

Two Dozen Students Witnessed David Swinyar’s Racist Tirade

Two dozen students said they heard Swinyar make the racist comments. They were shocked.

When called out in class by students, the math teacher defended his actions by saying he attends a black church. But then laughed and began making fun of black preachers.

When challenged later about his alleged racist comments, Swinyar reportedly told students, “I never said that, but if I did, I am sorry.”

Kernan Middle School has 1,148 students, 22.6% of whom are African-American.

Swinyar’s Suspension

Swinyar was given a 10-day suspension without pay following an investigation by the Duval County School District. His suspension began on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Patricia Willis said that, when his suspension ends,  the math teacher “will be reassigned to an appropriate district position with no contact with students for the remainder of the year.”

District Might Not Renew His Contract

Swinyar’s contact expires on June 30, 2018, so the school district has the option not to renew it.

This might come as good news to some of his students.

In addition to the racist comments, the school district found that Swinyar called some students “idiots” or “dumb.” Students say he becomes intimidating when angry.

One female student at Kernan Middle School said the teacher “makes female students uncomfortable by staring at their breasts and other parts.”

Some parents believe punishment dished out by the school district should be much harsher.

“They should be fired, of course,” parent Richard Yanez said.

There’s currently no legal action being taken against David Swinyar.