Darrel Jackson Found Dead: Suspected Killer of Two Sisters

A man who was wanted in connection with the double murder of his estranged wife Mallory Jackson and her sister Meredith Opel has been found dead inside a car. If you want to know more about Darrel Jackson’s case, then keep on reading.

The murders of sisters Mallory Jackson and Meredith Opel seem to be solved. Jackson, 27, who was the wife of Darrel Jackson, and Opel, 20, were found dead on November 24, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both sisters had trauma to their bodies. Authorities suspect that Darrel Jackson was their killer.

According to investigators, Jackson allegedly killed his wife and her sister in Indianapolis. Later on, Jackson drove almost 400 miles to Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he had relatives.

Darrel Jackson’s Apparent Suicide

On November 26, Jonesboro Police Sgt. Cassie Brandon revealed that Darrel Jackson, 29, had been discovered dead in a car in Jonesboro with a gunshot wound to his head. Authorities said his death looks like a suicide.

A Smith and Wesson 9-mm handgun was recovered from the scene, according to a police report.

After reaching Jonesboro, Jackson parked his car behind his family’s home and texted his father, saying “he could not take it no longer.” On the afternoon of November 24, Jackson’s brother and father found Jackson dead in the front seat of his car.

A little while later, authorities found the bodies of Jackson’s wife and her sister in a house on the 4500 block of Stone Mill Drive.

According to her obituary, Mallory Jackson worked as a licensed practical nurse for American Senior Communities at Rosewalk Village. She leaves behind her daughter with Darrel Jackson, Camilla Rose.

Opel was a senior at the University of Southern Indiana, where she was majoring in political science and sociology. Her obituary read, “She was a free spirit, joyful, adventurous, loyal, goal oriented, and inspiring. Meredith recently studied abroad and loved traveling to 13 different countries in Europe, taking in as much as she possibly could.”

According to Darrel Jackson’s Facebook page, he was the founder and CEO of Pinpoint Phitness LLC and also a field technician at Professional Labor Support.

Possible Domestic Conflict?

Darrel and Mallory got married in October 2015. The pair welcomed their daughter in 2016. Authorities said they were familiar with the family as they were recently called to settle a domestic dispute between the Jacksons. Details of the dispute have not been revealed.

On the day of the murder-suicide, Darrel Jackson took to Facebook and wrote:

“Nothing to this world, no support, no prospects, earning a bachelor’s earned me even less progress. No need for my Talents or Wisdom, Corporate America must have a predetermined vision. My only Motive was to overcome and inspire, but as slamming doors became rhythmic, my hope soon expired.

“Before you judge me take a second to realize, all the faith you could have restored before the demise.. Look Around, There are still more living and determined individuals with nothing to lose, a progressive drive, and everything to gain. Assist when possible! Without it, They may soon become nothing to this world.”

Authorities suspect that the Jacksons had an argument that turned deadly. For now, no motive for the murder has been disclosed.