Danielle Shields: Everything to Know about Devin Kelley’s Wife

A deadly mass shooting was reported on Sunday at a church in Texas. After some tense hours, authorities identified the shooter as Devin Kelley. Devin Kelley’s wife is reported to have some connections to the church where the shooting took place.

A recent mass shooting horror rocked the country on Sunday (November 5). A gunman opened fire on parishioners at the First Baptist Church in the rural Texas town of Sutherland Springs. At least 26 people are reported dead and at least 20 more are injured. Authorities have identified the shooter as Devin Patrick Kelley. New details have emerged about Kelley and his wife, Danielle Shields. Find out more about Danielle Shields and Devin Kelley right here.

Who Is Danielle Shields?

Very little information has been available on Danielle Lee Shields since her identity was revealed. She was active on Facebook before reports of the shooting broke out. Some reports cite her Facebook for details on her.

An older Facebook account says she went to Texas A&M University and graduated from Choice Academy in Washington state. She used to do volunteer work as a singer, listener, and head counselor for an academy group. Her Indeed profile says she was a coach for the Special Olympics.

Her Instagram is private, but we learned a few details about her from her bio. “Danielle Kelley Mom life ❤ nature enthusiast” she writes alongside a profile picture with her baby. She also is a self-proclaimed “free spirit” and “dog fanatic.”

Devin Kelley and Danielle Shields reportedly married in Comal County, Texas, on April 4, 2014 when they were quite young. Kelley was 23 and Shields was 19 at that time. A few months after they were hitched, the couple moved to Colorado, where they lived in a mobile park. At some point in 2017, they moved back to Texas.

Their social media accounts had pictures of their two small children, one of them an infant. Shields wrote in her bio that she’s “married to [her] best friend.”

Danielle Shields Was Attached to the Same Church

Devin Kelley’s motive is not clear yet, but he reportedly had ties to the church through his wife’s mother, Michelle Shields. Shields’ mother is a close friend of the wife of the church’s pastor. The pastor’s 14-year-old daughter died in the shooting.

According to her Indeed page, the younger Shields taught at the First Baptist Church where her husband massacred innocent lives. She no longer teaches there, and it’s not known if she’s working elsewhere.

The gunman claimed on his Facebook—now deleted—that he used to teach Bible studies, but many are skeptical of this claim. He was fixated on preaching atheism on social media. A lot of his friends were put off by his preaching on Facebook and unfriended him. He claims he taught “vocational Bible school” for small children. But the traditional term is vacation Bible school (VBS).

At the time of the shooting, Kelley lived with Shields in a home 30 miles away from the church he is reported to have attacked.

Devin Kelley’s First Wife

Shields was actually Devin Kelley’s second wife. Kelley first married Tessa K. Kelley in April 2011 (maiden name unknown). They had an infant son (Kelley’s stepson) together. But their marriage was far from ideal.

Reports have surfaced that Kelley used to work for the U.S. Air Force. He was stationed at the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and served in Logistics Readiness back in 2010. But two years later, he was court-martialed.

Kelley was dishonorably discharged for two counts of Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which is assault on his spouse and child. The details are obscure, but it is believed he assaulted his wife and their infant. Tessa Kelley sued him for divorce in 2012.

He received a bad conduct discharge, confinement for 12 months, and a reduction in rank for assault. The military records don’t provide an exact date of discharge.