Dramatic Cruise Ship Brawl Video: “Cruise from Hell”

A violent cruise ship brawl video is shocking travelers everywhere. The Carnival Legend was forced to eject nine members of a single family after fighting broke out on Friday.

Carnival Legend was on the last leg of a 10-day South Pacific cruise when trouble hit. In the very early morning of February 16, 2018, a fight erupted among the passengers on board the cruise ship. The cruise ship brawl video is now starting to make the rounds online, showing some disturbing scenes.

The chaos captured on video seems to involve dozens of people fighting amongst each other, yelling obscenities and screaming. There appear to be multiple physical confrontations.

Security and crew arrive at the scene and look to be trying to get the brawl under control. It appears that a crew member and security allegedly kick a man they’re trying to subdue on the ground, possibly in an attempt to separate him from another passenger. Near the end of the video, security tries to stop people from taking video with their phones and also attempts to clear the scene.

It’s not clear yet what started the fight.

Cruise Ship Brawl Video: Violent Passengers Struggle with Crew/Security

You can see the video here:

Troublemakers Removed from Ship

The number of injured hasn’t been confirmed. There may be up to 30 individuals with injuries. 3AWRadio has photos of a passenger named Michael who claims to have bruises, abrasions, and cuts inflicted during the February 16th fight. And many other passengers were fearful for their safety.

Carnival Legend made an unscheduled stop at Eden, New South Wales on Friday. Nine of the unruly passengers, all allegedly members of the same Melbourne family, were removed from the ship at that point by police. Six men, three teenage males.

Fourteen additional passengers left the ship at the same time of their own volition. It’s being speculated that they are also family members of the suspected brawlers.

So far, no charges have been laid.

Group Apparently “Looking for Trouble” the Whole Time

The trip is being termed a “cruise from hell” by some.

Other passengers on Carnival Legend suggested that there was tension, threats, and conflict throughout the cruise caused by that same family group. Not just the day of the brawl.

Video was taken of another fight, allegedly involving the same family group. This was captured on February 15, the day before the brawl that precipitated the removal of the nine males from the ship.

One passenger said that, “They were looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship.”

In a statement released to media, Carnival Cruise Line Vice President and General Manager Australia, Jennifer Vandekreeke, said that “With regards to the guests who were involved in the incident, we are fully cooperating with the NSW police.” She noted that there will be a full investigation.

Vandekreeke also said, “We sincerely apologise to our guests who were impacted by the disruptive behaviour of the group removed from the ship by the NSW Police in Eden yesterday.”

As of Saturday morning, Carnival Legend has returned to port in Melbourne.