Creston Police Confirms Iowa Family of 4 Missing in Mexico

A family from Creston, Iowa appears to have gone missing while in Mexico, and their family members are worried the worst might have happened.

Kevin, Amy, Sterling, and Adrianna Sharp have not been heard from in a week, and they should have been in St. Louis on March 21. Here is the latest on the search for the Sharps.

A Vacation that Should Have Ended

The Sharps were headed to Mexico for a bit of vacation. The plan was to go to Tulum for a week, and then fly from Mexico to St. Louis, Missouri. From there, it was a quick trip to Danville, Illinois for a basketball game.

They never got on their flight from Mexico. In fact, the last time anyone heard from the Sharp family, it was to confirm that they arrived safely in Tulum. That was on March 15. Since then, there have been no further messages. The Sharps’ social media accounts have been silent the entire time.

Search for the Sharp Family

Family and friends of the Sharp family contacted Creston police to open a missing persons case on the family. But unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount that officials can do on their end.

To that end, Creston police began trying to work with the State Department and through them, the Mexican police, to discover what happened to the Sharp family. A missing persons report was filed with Mexican police via the State Department.

Currently, not very much in the way of additional information has been released. But a relative of the Sharps stated in a Facebook post that the cell phones the family had been using were pinged. According to the post, the phones still appear to be located in Mexico, but there has been no movement at all.