Corey Johnson: The Florida Teenager Who Allegedly Stabbed a Victim More than 30 Times

17-year-old Corey Johnson has been arrested for murdering a 13-year-old boy, as well as stabbing another 13-year-old, and the adult whose home he was staying at.

While this is the first time Johnson acted on his criminal impulses, he was on the radar of both local police and the FBI for some months for making violent threats. This is all you need to know about Corey Johnson, from why the FBI was keeping an eye on him to the recent stabbings.

Under Observation for Some Time

While it is currently unknown when it began, the FBI were reportedly investigating Corey Johnson since at least January 2017. Johnson, who claims to be a Muslim, began searching the Internet for more information on the terrorist group known as ISIS.

At the time, it seemed like Johnson’s goal was to join the fundamental terrorists. He watched videos of Islamic extremists beheading hostages as well as researched people like Adolf Hitler and Stalin.

What really caught the attention of law enforcement was Johnson’s threats against a Catholic school in England. Threats that sounded serious enough that, at least one occasion, 100 students were removed from the school for fear of an attack.

The FBI met with Johnson in March 2017. During the meeting, Johnson denied any affiliation with ISIS. While no charges were pressed, authorities continued to keep an eye on him. As of March 2018, there was a discussion of arresting Johnson.

Murdered Due to His “Religious” Views

According to Corey Johnson’s grandparents, Johnson recently found religion and even began to pray in public. This caused a number of kids to make fun of him. This may be what finally set Johnson off.

On March 11, Johnson ended up staying at Elaine Simon’s home as a guest of her son, Kyle Bancroft. Also staying at the home was Kyle’s brother, Dane, and a mutual friend, Jovanni Brand. Brand was celebrating his birthday. Johnson and Kyle apparently watched some jihadist videos on the Internet before they went to bed.

Allegedly, Johnson brought his own knife and reportedly read from the Quran on his phone for strength to pull off his grisly task. Somewhere around 4:00 a.m., Johnson woke up, slit Brand’s throat.

Elaine Simon heard the noise and went upstairs to investigate. Johnson lunged at Simon and proceeded to stab her 12 times. When Simon’s son, Dane, came to help his mother, he too was attacked and stabbed approximately 32 times.

Brand was dead, Elaine Simon and Dane Bancroft were horribly injured. Johnson then barricaded himself in a bedroom.

The Police Arrive

Simon managed to get out of the house and call 911. Simon and Dane were transported to a hospital as police tried to coax Johnson out of his position. Eventually, tear gas was used and Johnson was arrested.

Currently, Johnson is being held on charges of first-degree murder, and two counts of first-degree attempted murder. The medical conditions of Elaine Simon and Dane Bancroft have not been made public.