Cloverdale Father Arrested after Children Found Playing in the Street

In Cloverdale, Indiana, a 24-year-old man has been arrested for child neglect after two children under his care were found playing in the street, dirty and clad only in diapers.

We have the latest on the arrest of Robert Henline, what is happening with the kids, and where their mother was during the arrest.

Playing in the Street in Diapers

On Sunday (April 15), a neighbor of Henline’s spotted two children, aged two and three, playing out in the street. They were wearing nothing but their diapers. Before the police arrived, Henline brought the children inside their residence at 314 Someday Way in Stardust Hills on the northwest side of Cloverdale.

Indiana State Police Master Trooper Troy Sunier arrived at the residence and discovered a home allegedly unfit for children. According to Sunier, the home was filthy and smelled strongly of urine and feces.

There was trash strewn across the home, including food and old diapers. Police also stated that there were numerous hazards for children to pick up, like kitchen instruments.

Three Children and an Arrest

In addition to the two children who were spotted on the street, a third child, aged four months, was also found in the home.

Henline was arrested on a preliminary Level 6 felony charge of neglect of a dependent. His wife, along with the Department of Child Services, found places for the children to stay while their living situation and their parents’ charges were sorted out.

What We Know about Henline, and Possible Future Charges

Robert Joseph Henline is 24 years old and a resident of Cloverdale, Indiana. His occupation is currently unknown. According to his Facebook profile, he is married to Terri Henline, who appears to be the mother of the three children.

The couple has been married since May 27, 2017, but they seem to have been together for a much longer period of time. Terri Henline’s social media profile lists her current job at a Walmart Distribution Center in Greencastle, Indiana.

Currently, she has not been charged with any crimes herself, but it is expected that she will be facing charges similar to that of her husband since both adults lived in the allegedly neglectful environment.