Former HGTV Star Christopher J. Dionne Accused of Molesting Girl, 10

Christopher J. Dionne, a host of the 2015 HGTV show Family Flip, is suspected of molesting a 10-year-old girl who was sleeping over at his house.

Christopher J. Dionne turned himself in to Connecticut police on January 29, 2018 on charges of fourth-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

The charges stem from an alleged incident in November 2017. According to legal documents, the girl, a friend of Dionne’s son and daughter, was attending a sleepover at the Dionne home.

The girl told police she was asleep on the couch in the same room as Dionne’s children when she awoke to Dionne assaulting her. He allegedly touched her buttocks under her clothes and her chest.

It’s believed that he then left the room, only to return a short while later and molest the girl again. At some point, it’s alleged that he took a photo of the girl’s exposed chest.

Dionne allegedly instructed the child not to tell anyone, otherwise he’d be imprisoned and his daughter wouldn’t have a father.

The girl noted that this wasn’t the first time she’d had a problem with Dionne, accusing him of making sexually explicit comments to her in September 2017.

Christopher J. Dionne’s Defense

Christopher J. Dionne has denied all allegations. But he admitted to police that he did have a strange encounter with the child after returning home that night in November.

According to Dionne, he came home to find that the child was awake. He says when he sat down beside her, she began rubbing his stomach. He then claims he told her the touch was “inappropriate,” and when she began to cry, he comforted the child by rubbing her back.

Dionne’s bail is currently set at $100 000.

He had been working on a new TV show called House Rescue for A&E. In light of the allegations against Dionne, the channel has suspended production on the show.