Eddie Ray Routh Wiki: What Happened to Chris Kyle’s Killer? Why Did Eddie Kill Chris?

The most lethal sniper in U.S. history, Chris Kyle, and his friend Chad Littlefield were killed by former Marine Eddie Ray Routh. Although both of them died in 2013, the question that still haunts the families of both the deceased is: why did Eddie Ray Routh kill Chris Kyle? If you want to know what happened to Chris Kyle’s killer, then take a look at our Eddie Ray Routh wiki.

Although Chris Kyle died in 2013, his legacy is still alive in movies, in books, and even on a golf course. Recently, the famous sniper was honored at the first-ever annual Chris Kyle Legendary Classic, which took place at the Tierra Verde golf club in Arlington. The event was hosted by Kyle’s wife, Taya Kyle.

Taya said, “We know that the people of Texas have these huge hearts, they’re giving it for first responders and the military men and women.”

The event was held to raise funds for the Chris Kyle Foundation that helps to improve the marriages of military service members, veterans, and first responders. Taya further added, “What they see on a daily basis is really, really dark. They see the worst of the world, they need one safe place to come home to and we take care of that safe place.”


The story of Chris Kyle’s death is truly a tragic one. He was shot by a former Marine at a shooting range. His family was heartbroken and, of course, wanted justice to be served. Four years later, people want to know…who killed Chris Kyle? And what happened to his killer? If you too are looking for some answers, then hang in there to find out about the guy who killed Chris Kyle.

Eddie Ray Routh’s Wiki

Eddie Ray Routh was born on September 30, 1987, in Lancaster, Texas, to Jodi and Raymond Routh. Routh has an older sister who goes by the name Laura Blevins. From a very young age, Routh wanted to join the Marine Corps. So, after completing his high school education, Routh ventured out to accomplish his dream.

In September 2007, Routh was posted to a base near Baghdad, where he worked as a prison guard for six months and also repaired weapons. In 2010, Routh was deployed to Haiti for a humanitarian mission. Having served in the Marine Corps for seven years, Routh was honorably discharged in 2011.

Life Post-Marine Corps

Reportedly, after Eddie Ray Routh was discharged from his duties, he moved back to his parents’ house in Lancaster, Texas to live with his mother. In 2013, Routh worked at a local cabinet shop, but he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. As per sources, Routh’s anxiety was so bad that he could not drive on his own. His mother would drop him at work every morning; after his shift was finished, the shop’s owner would drop him back home.

Jodi Routh was scared to leave her son alone. In an interview, she revealed: “When I’d start back to the house, I’d be like, Please don’t let me find him dead. I was so afraid he was going to kill himself. Because that’s what he wanted.” Late at night, Routh would often climb into his mother’s bed. “This was a 6-foot-2 Marine, a tough man calling for his mama.”

Concerned about her son, Jodi Routh took him to several doctors to get him treated. The Dallas VA initially explained that Routh had PTSD, based on which the doctors prescribed him medication. Routh was suicidal and, when his condition worsened, his family took him to Dallas VA and he stayed there for almost two weeks. Reportedly, his clinical notes stated that he was psychotic, while doctors at Dallas’ Green Oakes Hospital had earlier claimed that Routh had schizophrenia. After a few days, Routh refused to undergo treatment for alcohol abuse and also stopped taking his medicine.

Meeting Chris Kyle

In 2013, Jodi Routh met Chris Kyle, who was working with veterans suffering from PTSD. Kyle’s kids attended the same school where Jodi Routh worked. She approached Kyle and discussed her son with him, asking if he would help Routh. Kyle took Routh’s phone number and promised to call him.

On February 2, 2013, Kyle along with Chad Littlefield, picked up Eddie Ray Routh from his house and took him to a shooting range, which Kyle believed would be therapeutic to Routh’s condition. According to a report, Routh partook in both alchohol and drugs before being picked up.

On the ride there, Kyle had a feeling that something was wrong with Routh. Reportedly, he messaged Littlefield who sat beside him in the passenger seat. Kyle texted, “This dude is straight-up nuts.” To which Littlefield replied, “He’s right behind me, watch my six.”

How Did Chris Kyle Die?

The unthinkable happened once they were at the Rough Creek Lodge & Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas. Reportedly, Kyle was shot six times, including once in the back and one time through the jaw. Littlefield was shot seven times in the back, side, and head. It has been further reported that both Kyle and Littlefield had .45 caliber 1911-style pistols on their person, but that neither of the guns were fired and the safety catches were on.

The guns that were used to kill both the men belonged to Kyle. After the shooting, Routh went to his sister’s house and told her what he did. His sister called the authorities and, after a chase, the authorities were finally able to nab Routh.

Why Did Eddie Ray Routh Kill Chris Kyle?

When Eddie Ray Routh was arrested, he kept complaining of confusion and mental problems. He said, “I’ve been so paranoid-schizophrenic all day, I don’t know what to even think of the world right now. I don’t know if I’m insane. Or sane. I don’t know what’s even sane in the world right now.”

Reportedly, months after Eddie Ray Routh’s arrest, Gene Cole, who worked as an officer in Erath County Jail, claimed that Routh spoke about the shootings four months after the incident. Cole said, “I heard Mr. Routh say, ‘I shot them because they wouldn’t talk to me. I was just riding in the back seat of the truck and nobody would talk to me. They were just taking me to the range so I shot them. I feel bad about it, but they wouldn’t talk to me. I’m sure they’ve forgiven me.'”

What Happened to Chris Kyle’s Killer?

Eddie Ray Routh

Eddie Ray Routh; Photo: Erath County Sheriff’s Office

During Routh’s trial, his attorneys put forth the view that Routh was insane when he killed both the men. Defense attorney Tim Moore said, “At the time of this tragedy, Eddie Routh was insane, not only was he suffering from a severe mental disease or defect, not only did he not know his conduct was wrong, he thought he had to take their lives because he was in danger.” Reportedly, some people felt that Routh was faking schizophrenia.

Nevertheless, after looking at the evidence, the jury announced their verdict in less than three hours of discussion. They found Eddie Ray Routh to be guilty of the murders.

Trial judge Jason Cashon sentenced Routh to life in prison without any possibility of parole. Currently, Eddie Ray Routh is serving a life sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Powledge Unit near Palestine, Texas.