Chickasha Couple Charged with Neglect after Child Found Wandering by a Highway

A three-year-old child found walking near a highway leads police in Oklahoma to a horrible case of child neglect.

We have the latest news on what Chickasha police discovered after finding a three-year-old wandering near a highway, as well as news on the what is being done with the child’s parents.

A Child Spotted Near Highway US62

Chickasha police responded to a call regarding a small child wandering near Highway US62. The child was close enough to the highway that a truck had to slam on its breaks to avoid hitting the girl. The driver then got out, picked up the 3-year-old, and began searching for her parents and home.

The little girl was unable to point out which home was hers, so police were called into the area near 800 block of E. Choctaw Avenue. As they were speaking with the driver about the child, Darien Jeffers and Jazzmine Bennett pulled up in a car and indicated that they were the child’s parents.

Gone Out for Something to Eat, Left Babies at Home

Jeffers then told the officer at the scene that they left the children at home while they went to get something to eat. Bennett then followed that up by saying that the little girl was suffering from pink eye, and the couple were going to take her to the hospital immediately.

During the conversation, the couple mentioned that there was another child inside their home. The officer proceeded to enter the home and what he found was just heartbreaking.

Child Neglect of a Horrible Degree

Upon entering the home, the officer could smell the foul odors of urine and feces. He saw a high chair with spoiled food on it, a pill bottle with a metal pipe and a green substance that smelled of marijuana inside, that was easily within a child’s reach.

By the crib stood a baby, shaking and screaming, a soiled diaper leaking down the child’s leg. The officer looked for a fresh diaper but there were none to be found in the home. The officer then took the child to the sink and peeled off the old diaper. While washing the child off, the officer noticed flakes of skin falling from the baby’s buttocks.

Upon further investigation, the officer noted that the crib’s mattress appeared to not only be soiled but also had signs of rodent feces on top of it. A sippy cup with spoiled milk was also found along with numerous choking hazards near the crib.

Parents Arrested, Children Taken Away

Both Darien Jeffers and Jazzmine Bennett were arrested and charged with child neglect and child endangerment. As of this writing, no court date has been set.

Chickasha police proceeded to call in the Department of Human Services as well as EMS. The children were then placed into protective care and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.