Paul Bauer Death: Brave Chicago Police Commander Shot at the Thompson Center

The Chicago Police Department, friends, and family of Police Commander Paul Bauer are mourning the death of the officer who was shot on Tuesday in the Chicago Loop. Currently, everybody is talking about the Thompson Center shooting. Here are the details of the case.

Paul Bauer of the Chicago Police Department tried his best to keep criminals off the street. However, in a bid to keep crime away from the city, he fatally lost his life while he was chasing a suspect in the Chicago Loop. He was one of the highly respected commanders, a loving father, caring husband, and an understanding friend.

What Exactly Happened?

Paul Bauer was pursuing a suspect after he fled from tactical officers trying to stop him. Bauer was in the area for training and had a meeting scheduled for later.

Bauer, when he heard the radio traffic, noticed a man who matched the description and tried to question him either in or near a stairwell. Bauer was in his uniform, a struggle between the two ensued, and the suspect opened fire in broad daylight, shooting the commander several times at the Thompson Center.

Bauer was immediately taken to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead a little after 2:00 p.m.

Is the Suspect Identified?

Police officials arrested a suspect who several sources identify as a 44-year-old former prison inmate. He is a four-time felon and has an arrest record that dates back to 1994.

Court records state that in 1998, the suspect was sent to prison for 16 years for robbery. The name and other details of the arrested suspect are not revealed yet because no charges have been made against him as of Tuesday evening. Officers found a gun with the man, and he was wearing a protective vest.

Who Was Paul Bauer?

Bauer was happily married to his wife, and the couple has a 13-year-old daughter together. Bauer is the highest-ranking officer murdered in several years.

It was in 1986, at the age of 21, that Bauer joined the Chicago Police Department.

Throughout his career, Bauer often complained of keeping repeat offenders off the street. In November 2017, Bauer said, “We’re not talking about the guy who stole a loaf of bread from the store to feed his family. We’re talking about career robbers, burglars, drug dealers. These are all crimes against the community. They need to be off the street.”

Shortly after his death, police officials on horseback and foot saluted as several police vehicles accompanied the ambulance to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Cmdr. Paul Bauer procession

The procession carrying the remains of CPD Cmdr. Paul Bauer traveled to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office after he was shot to death at the Thompson Center Tuesday afternoon.

Posted by The Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Statement Released by the Mayor

Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement which read, “Commander Bauer stood for the highest ideals of our police department and our city — to serve and protect the people of Chicago. The idea that Paul would act so unselfishly and would sacrifice his own safety for the safety of the people of Chicago and his fellow officers comes as no surprise to those of us who knew him.”

No details about Paul Bauer’s funeral arrangements have been released yet. It is a very emotional and sad moment for the family and friends of Paul Bauer. May his soul rest in peace.