Chad Klahs Shot a Missouri Officer and Apparently Killed Himself

Burglary suspect Chad Klahs shot Arnold, Missouri police officer Ryan O’Connor while he was handcuffed before apparently shooting and killing himself. Here are some details about Klahs’ case.

According to reports, Chad Klahs was arrested for an alleged burglary. The Arnold, Missouri police responded to a home-burglary report on Bramtonn Place at around 12:45 p.m. on December 5, 2017. Authorities claim that Klahs stole a gun from the home before he fled to Jeffco Boulevard.

Matt Saller claims that he saw Klahs in his backyard in the Fox Pointe neighborhood. Saller said, “He was off. You could tell he wasn’t all there and he was scuffled and that’s what worried me.” He further added that he asked Klahs to leave.

Searching for Chad Klahs

Police say that while searching for Chad Klahs, they heard gunshots in the woods. They were not sure if the gunshots were being aimed at them.

Klahs was later arrested on Jeffco Boulevard. Captain Gary Higginbotham with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office revealed that a gun was confiscated from Klahs. But now the authorities believe that the suspect had a second gun on him, which went undiscovered.

Police Officer Shot

After the arrest, Arnold Police Department Officer Ryan O’Connor transported Klahs in his SUV to the police station. There was a cage separating the officer from the suspect in the SUV, but there was enough space for a bullet to pass through and hit O’Connor in the head.

O’Connor’s colleagues realized something was wrong when he didn’t make it to the sally port. When they went to check on his SUV in the police department parking lot, they found that both O’Connor and Klahs had been shot. Police believe Klahs’ injury was self-inflicted.

Both men were taken to the hospital. O’Connor’s surgery was successful but he remains in critical condition. Klahs died from his wound.

Police have not yet determined how Chad Klahs was able to shoot O’Connor and himself with handcuffs on. The investigation is ongoing.