High-Speed Car Chase Ends in Crash, 4 Arrested, May Be Linked to Oakbrook Carjacking

Four people were taken into custody after a police pursuit in Chicago, Illinois. The vehicle driven by the suspects was reportedly carjacked several days ago. The high-speed chase ended when the car crashed in the Eisenhower Expressway. Read more about this incident in Chicago here.

High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrests

On Wednesday (March 28), Chicago Police and Illinois State Police pursued a vehicle that was reportedly carjacked in Maywood on March 21.

The high-speed chase led to the Eisenhower expressway. According to reports, “the car exited the Eisenhower at Ashland Avenue and crashed through a fence, then slid down the embankment and came to a stop on the shoulder of the highway.”

Police arrested four people involved in the chase. No injuries were reported.

Possible Link to Carjacking

The car involved in this chase was reportedly carjacked in Maywood a week ago. The victim told reporters her car was stolen on March 21.

According to the victim, she and her aunt were returning home after a family outing. It was around midnight when two men approached their car, and forced the two victims out of their car at gunpoint. The two men then fled with her vehicle.

The car’s description matched that of another carjacking and armed robbery. The second incident reportedly occurred on the morning of March 28 in the Oakbrook Center parking garage.

Police revealed that the victim in Wednesday’s carjacking is a 68-year-old woman. She was getting ready for work in her Honda Civic, parked in the mall’s garage, when a Toyota Camry parked behind her.

A man came out of the Camry, opened her car door, and pointed a gun at her, ordering her to get out of the vehicle. As he went inside, the victim took her purse from the back seat.

The man then reportedly got out of the car and chased her down until he had her purse. He then drove off.

Since the incident, regular shoppers at Oakbrook Center have been feeling unsafe.

The carjackings are being investigated. State Police turned over the four suspects arrested to Maywood Police. Oak Brook Police have also been contacted.