“Canterbury Cannibal” Dale Bolinger Behind Bars in Nebraska

Dale Bolinger, a man dubbed the “Canterbury Cannibal” by the English press, is back behind bars…but this time on U.S. soil. Why was he in Nebraska? Why has he been arrested? Read on for some answers.

Dale Bolinger’s Failed Plot

On the surface, 62-year-old Dale Bolinger looks like a jovial fellow. He once worked as a nurse in the town of Kent, England. But beneath the seemingly harmless surface lie dark fantasies.

Bolinger has dreamt of eating young girls for a good portion of his life. He was arrested, charged, and convicted for trying to make his fantasies a reality.

The reason Bolinger was arrested was that he’d been in contact with Gilberto Valle, a former New York police officer, dubbed the “Cannibal Cop,” who was under investigation at the time for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. The two had been communicating in online chat rooms about kidnapping and eating women and children.

After he was arrested, it was found that Bolinger had also made contact with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old girl on a fetish web site and tried to groom her to his specific needs. The plan was for Bolinger to rape the girl, behead her, and then eat her. Bolinger purchased an ax shortly before the planned meetup.

When he went to meet her at a railway station in Ashford, England in 2012, she failed to show up.

How Is He Free?

Many people are wondering how a man who was imprisoned for plotting something so heinous (among multiple other charges) could be free to move to the United States.

Initially, Bolinger was sentenced to nine years in prison in Canterbury, England. Despite one investigator’s belief that “Bolinger represents a very real and great danger to the public,” Bolinger was released early due to good behavior.

Bolinger is a U.S. citizen, so it appears that he opted to move back to the United States to start fresh. He registered as a sex offender and began living with family friends in Blair, Nebraska.

Back in Jail

News emerged on January 15, 2018 that Dale Bolinger had been sent to the Washington County Jail in Nebraska.

Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson confirmed that Bolinger was in his jail, but he refused to disclose why. Robinson did reveal that Bolinger hadn’t been charged with a new crime.

So why is Bolinger behind bars? Is he in jail for a mental health evaluation? Or something more sinister? We will follow this story as it develops.