Butler County Babysitter, Lindsay Partin Returns to Court on New Charges

Lindsay Partin, the babysitter indicted in the death of three-year-old Hannah Wesche, is now facing more charges.

This is the latest on the charges that Partin was initially facing, as well as the new ones that were filed against her.

What Happened to Hannah Wesche?

Hannah Wesche was your typical three-year-old girl until March 8, 2018. She was dropped off with her babysitter, Lindsay Partin, that morning, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Hannah Wesche

Photo: Facebook/kaitlyn wesche

But, according to Hannah’s parents, not long after they dropped her off, Partin called Jason Wesche, the child’s father. She was hysteric, and spoke about something happening to Hannah. 911 was then called, but it was too late.

The young girl was brought to a hospital, and according to her father, was essentially brain dead. She died in the hospital on March 18.

Investigation into Partin

After multiple bruises and injuries were found on Hannah, an investigation was launched with the main focus being Lindsay Partin. Initially, she claimed ignorance on what could have happened. After Hannah went to the hospital, her story began to change.

During an interview with police, Partin eventually told investigators that she hit Hannah, and the child fell and smacked her head off the concrete floor in the garage.

The autopsy, however, showed signs that Hannah had also been abused over a period of time, and there was evidence that the child was violently shaken. Partin was arrested and charged with felonious assault, and felony child endangering while Hannah was still in the hospital.

Latest Charges

Now that Hannah passed away, further charges may have to be under consideration. As of today (April 9), 36-year-old Lindsay Partin is facing a number of additional charges. Partin’s charges now consist of involuntary manslaughter, four counts of felony endangering children, and murder.

Currently, Partin is out on a $75,000 bond from her initial court appearances on the original charges. She is expected in a Butler County court later today to answer the new charges.