Butler County Babysitter Assaults 3-Year-Old, Leaves Child Brain Dead

Lindsay Partin from Butler County, Ohio is charged with abusing a three-year-old girl. Partin is a babysitter who was taking care of the victim, Hannah Wesche. The abuse has rendered the girl brain dead, according to her grief-stricken family. Read about this shocking incident from Ohio right here.

Babysitter Allegedly Assaults Child

On Thursday (March 8), three-year-old Hannah Wesche was airlifted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center from her babysitter’s home. Wesche’s parents left their daughter in the charge of Lindsay Partin, 35, of Hanover Township.

Lindsay Partin

Lindsay Partin (Poto: Butler County Sheriff’s Office)

According to Wesche’s aunt, Megan Latham, Partin shook and abused the child. “She’d gotten dropped off, a couple minutes later, she’s calling Jason, hysterical, doesn’t really know what’s happening, they call 911,” she recounted.

Wesche’s relatives are saying Hannah was punched and passed out. She had a black eye from the assault.

She was transported from Partin’s Shank Road residence to the hospital. Doctors reportedly removed part of her skull because of swelling on her brain.

A day after Wesche was taken to the hospital, Partin was arrested and held without bond at the county jail. She was charged with felonious assault and endangering children and is scheduled to be arraigned on March 12.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said that the alleged abuse had been continuing for a while. But they haven’t disclosed details on when and to what extent the abuse occurred.

Hannah’s father, Jason Wesche, told the media that doctors have informed the family the toddler is brain dead. Her family is reeling from the shock of the news.

“We have to sit here and look at our dead little Hannah and just wait for these exams to tell us what we already know,” Hannah’s aunt said.

Jason Wesche had been dropping off his daughter at Partin’s home for months. They knew her through a friend, and Wesche said she had all the credentials they were looking for in a babysitter.

While arrangements are being made for the child’s passing, relatives are gathering at the hospital, preparing to say their goodbyes. “I love her, I always have and I always will. I hope she knows that I’ve been there for her through this whole entire time and I hope she felt my presence,” Latham said.

While more details are awaited on Partin’s arraignment, all inquiries have been deferred to her attorney.