Burned Body Found of Missing Jasmine Rain Dunbar in Field, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

A 21-year-old mother, Jasmine Rain Dunbar, who was reported missing after her baby was seen abandoned, was found dead on Wednesday afternoon by police. Her family is heartbroken at the horrific condition her body was in. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, police located the body of Jasmine Dunbar in the area of 107th Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix.

As of now, officials are waiting for the body to be officially identified with the help of scientific analysis, but it is believed to be the missing woman.

Dunbar’s body was found in a field and badly burned. Heartbroken, her mother, Tonya Smith said, “She asked you to take a DNA test, how’s that worth killing somebody over? I’m angry. I feel like why god.”

When Did Jasmine Dunbar Go Missing?

The last time Dunbar was seen was with her seven-month-old daughter and ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Antwaun Travon Ware, on Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m. Family members claim that the three left the house, located in the area of North 51st Avenue and West Thomas Road, so that Ware could take a paternity test.

According to Dubar’s Facebook, she was from Phoenix, Arizona and lived in Avondale, Arizona. She graduated from Millennium High School, and was studying massage therapy at Arizona School of Massage Therapy/Steiner Institute of Esthetics. Dunbar was a former carhop at Sonic Drive-In. Her Facebook’s bio reads, “Mommy&Ariel.”

Where Was the Baby Girl Found?

At around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, Dunbar’s daughter was found abandoned in her car seat near 83rd and Minnezona Avenue. Sgt. Jonathan Howard revealed that the baby girl was found after being seen by several motorists, who informed police. She was found with a diaper bag, single adult shoe, and backpack with Dunbar’s ID.

Smith was sick with worry, asking, “Where is my daughter? She wouldn’t leave her baby. Where is she?”

She added, “I have a whole bunch of concerns about [Ware being] the last person with my daughter. Where is my daughter at? Be honest.”

When Was Ware Arrested?

According to sources, officials went to Ware’s house early Wednesday morning, and took him to police headquarters for interrogation.

Initially, he told police that he dropped Dunbar back to her apartment. But, he later changed his story and revealed that they got into a physical fight and he repeatedly punched her.

Ware disclosed that, when he left Dunbar in the field, she was still alive. He panicked and dropped the baby to another area in the hopes of somebody finding her. Ware then went back to the field where he left Dunbar.

Court documents revealed that Ware kept a piece of paper on Dunbar’s body, poured gasoline over her, and lit it with a cigarette. He was at the scene until the fire burned out, and left the field to get the baby.

However, when Ware saw the baby with police, he fled the scene.

Antwaun Travon Ware (Photo: Phoenix Police Department)

Ware Was Arrested

Because of strong evidence found against Ware, including a gas can, police arrested him on charges of kidnapping, one count of first-degree murder, child abuse, and abandonment of a body. He is scheduled to appear in a Maricopa County Jail.

Further investigation is ongoing and official identification of the body is still needed. 

Tonya Smith started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her daughter’s funeral expenses. Their goal is to raise $10,000 and, as of now, they have managed to raise around $2,730. There are currently no details about Dunbar’s funeral.