Brooklyn Crash Update: Ruthie Ann Miles and Unborn Child Safe and out of ICU

A car crash in Brooklyn claimed the precious lives of two little children and injured three others in the process. Tony Award-winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles was severely injured and her four-year-old daughter, Abigail Blumenstein died after being hit by a car. Here is an update on Ruthie Ann Miles’ health.

Not even in their worst nightmares did two mothers imagine that they would lose their children at such young ages. On March 5, Ruthie Ann Miles, along with her friend Lauren Lew and their two kids were crossing the street on Park Slope, when a driver, Dorothy Bruns ran a red light and struck five people.

Miles’ four-year-old daughter, Abigail was on the ground in a pool of blood. While Lauren’s one-year-old son, Josh’s stroller was dragged for almost a block, crushed under the car.

Lauren and Miles were injured in the accident and the victims were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries. After the accident, Lauren tried to revive her son by giving him CPR, but the efforts were unsuccessful. 

Abigail and Josh were sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Ruthie Ann Miles’ Tweet

After the incident, Ruthie Ann Miles and Abigail Blumenstein were taken to Methodist Hospital. Abigail was pronounced dead, but Miles was in the ICU for her injuries.

On Thursday, Miles, who is pregnant is in stable condition now, tweeted that she is out of the ICU. Her unborn child is also unharmed, and she is recovering both mentally and physically.

Her tweet’s thread was flooded with several compassionate messages with several people sending their prayers to both families. 

A lot of members from the Broadway community, like Kristin Chenoweth, Josh Groban, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Ben Platt, tweeted out their condolences, and worked to set up a donation for the families.

GoFundMe Page Started by Jack Stephens

In the wake of the accident, Miles’ friend, Jack Stephens started a GoFundMe page for Miles. At the time of this writing, $402,685 was donated to support the family, surpassing the goal of $5,000.

A GoFundMe page was also set up for Lauren Lew’s family by Patricia Manwaring. Currently, $214,998 of the $5,000 goal was raised for their family. 

The driver, Dorothy Bruns reportedly suffered a seizure before the crash. As of now, no charges have been laid against her.

The investigation is still ongoing and authorities are looking into the driver’s medical history, and details of the incident. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke out about the incident, saying that Bruns should not have been behind the wheel, and should be in jail.

After the tragedy, several Park Slope residents took to the streets and asked for a safeer street design for pedestrians. Many even left flowers and teddy bears where the children died.