Brooklyn Car Crash Update: Mayor of New York City, De Blasio Says Dorothy Bruns Should Be in Jail

On Wednesday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he wants Dorothy Bruns, the driver of a white Volvo that killed two kids after running a red light, to be imprisoned. Here’s the latest on the case.

A lot of people in Brooklyn are enraged after a horrific accident on Monday, March 5 claimed the lives of two small children and injured three other people. The victims were immediately taken to the hospital.

Dorothy Bruns was driving her white Volvo when she ran a red light and rammed into two mothers and their kids. Ruthie Ann Miles was walking with her friend, Lauren Lew, and their kids, Abigail Blumenstein and Joshua Lew, in Park Slope.

Abigail and Joshua lost their lives at the scene. Both Ruthie, who is pregnant, and Lauren were injured in the accident.

The next day, residents of Park Slope and many others took to the streets and asked the mayor to implement effective safety laws and design for pedestrians.

What Did Mayor Bill de Blasio Say?

On Wednesday, Mayor de Blasio spoke about Dorothy Bruns, “She should never have been allowed to be driving a car after what we know of these other violations. I share the frustration of many in my community. I wish she was under arrest right now.”

He added that people who are driving need to understand that “they have a weapon in their hands,” and it can transform into a weapon, whether they mean for it to or not.

Dorothy Bruns

Photo: Facebook/Dorothy Bruns

Both he and police explained that the NYPD cannot really do much about drivers like Bruns, whose cars are cited several times for traffic violations, because of traffic cameras. One reason for this is because the cameras recognize the car, but not the driver.

Mayor de Blasio comforted residents by saying that he will put forth ideas in the coming weeks, mostly in the form of proposed state legislation.

Will the Driver Be Charged for Killing the Kids?

Although de Blasio thinks Bruns should be locked up, she has not yet been charged with a crime, or even for violating traffic rules. There is a possibility that she may face manslaughter charges.

Authorities refused to reveal if Bruns was informed that the two kids were killed by her car. NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan revealed that when Bruns was taken into custody, she was “foaming at the mouth,” supporting her claim that she suffered a seizure at the time of the incident.  

Dorothy Bruns Victims


Police further added that, upon examining her car, the “black box” revealed its brake and gas pedal were simultaneously pressed, which could indicate that Bruns had a medical emergency. 

One of her neighbors said in the past that Bruns suffered several strokes and a heart attack. There were reportedly times when she could barely walk, let alone drive a car.

In the past, Bruns violated several traffic safety laws for which received multiple summonses.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s View

Corey Johnson also feels that Bruns should be arrested and is unclear as to why she was let go. Johnson said, “If you looked at her traffic history, running red lights, speeding near schools, over a dozen moving violations that she had. I do not know why she was let go.”

On Wednesday, Chief Chan revealed that the investigation is still ongoing. He added that investigators were going through Bruns’ medical records and reviewing her blood levels. They are also trying to get warrants for her cellphone records.