Brian Keith Hawkins Confesses to 25-Year-Old Murder on TV

Born-again Christian Brian Keith Hawkins has confessed to the 1993 murder of Frank Wesley McAlister in California in a bid to do the right thing.

Brian Keith Hawkins’ Confession 

Brian Keith Hawkins, 44, claims to have found God, but a part of his past had been weighing on him for years. In January 2018, he approached Redding, California-based ABC affiliate KRCR to confess to a murder he allegedly helped commit in 1993.

KRCR said it would only agree to air an interview with Hawkins if he turned himself in and police corroborated the confession. Hawkins agreed.

After asking for soda and time to have a quick smoke, Hawkins sat down with KRCR in front of a camera and revealed what he alleges happened to Frank Wesley McAlister, who was 20 at the time, in 1993.

Frank McAlister

Frank McAlister; Photo:

The Mystery Unravels

While Hawkins did not disclose too many details during the television interview, investigators have revealed what they believe happened.

It’s suspected that Hawkins and his then-girlfriend Shanna Culver, now 46, and her brother Curtis Culver, now 45, lured McAlister out to a remote area of Shingletown with the promise of methamphetamine. McAlister had recently come into money and likely appeared to be a good mark.

Once McAlister arrived, police believe he was robbed and then stabbed to death. McAlister’s car was later found abandoned in a Costco parking lot.

Brian Keith Hawkins’ confession to the Redding police led them to arrest the Culvers. One of the two siblings has reportedly confessed to the crime.

Shanna and Curtis Culver

Shanna and Curtis Culver; Photo:

During the interview, Hawkins said that he was remorseful for what he’d done. He said he’d even tried to come clean to McAlister’s family, but he failed to do so before McAlister’s father died.

Hawkins told the interviewer: “God and Christ and these things that have happened over the course of 25 years have pushed me and pushed me to do the right thing. I know the wrong can’t be changed, but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing.”