Box Found That May Contain Remains of Missing Skelton Boys

A house cleaning has led to a discovery that could help determine what happened to three young boys from Michigan who have been missing since 2010.

Missing Michigan Children

In 2010 in Morenci, Michigan, Tanya Zuvers was in the midst of a difficult divorce from John Skelton. Zuvers had been granted full custody of their three sons, but Skelton was contesting this. He claimed Zuvers was hurting the boys.

Despite the acrimony between the two, Zuvers allowed Skelton to have the boys for Thanksgiving. Nine-year-old Andrew, seven-year-old Alex, and five-year-old Tanner left with their father, never to be seen again.

Skelton was arrested and charged with unlawful imprisonment and parental kidnapping. Skelton plead no contest to the unlawful imprisonment charge and the parental kidnapping charge was dropped.

During the trial, Skelton refused to tell officials where his children were. He claimed to have given the boys to an organization to protect them from their mother.

Skelton was sentenced to 10 to 15 years and shipped off to prison. To date, he has never fully explained where his sons are or what may have happened to them.

Fast Forward to 2017

In Missoula, Montana, a landlord evicted tenants from a house and called in professional cleaners to tidy up the property. While going through a shed at the back of the property on September 27, the cleaners discovered a box containing teeth and bones.

Worse yet, the bones and teeth were those of three children. A lab analysis determined that the remains belonged to a child aged two to four, a child aged five to eight, and a child aged six to 10.

What Now?

Until further testing is completed, the authorities cannot confirm whether the remains are those of the three Skelton brothers. Missoula police have contacted police in Michigan and they are working together to determine if there is a connection between the bones and the Michigan case.

In the meantime, police are now investigating a person of interest: a man who illegally occupied the Missoula property last year and had access to the shed.

The one man who may be able to shed any light on the subject is Skelton and so far, he isn’t talking.