Noah Reyes: Booneville’s Bully Fight Video Horrifies Parents and School Authorities

Police are investigating a fight between two Booneville High School students. The fight was recorded on video by some young boys watching the fight and posted on social media. This video has gone viral and led to the school authorities releasing statements to the public. Viewers who have seen the video are shocked by the brutality of the fight and have called for an end to bullying.

Even though the brutal fight between two students of Booneville High School happened more than two weeks ago, the video is still doing the rounds on social media. The horrifying fight in which one of the boys kept smashing his fist into the other boy’s face has sent shockwaves through the community, particularly among the parents of students.

A Kick in the Face

The video shows a boy kicking the other boy violently in the face when he tries to get up toward the end of the Booneville fight. All through this fight, other students are watching and recording it and even joking about it. This insensitivity has appalled the viewers and put the spotlight on this school and its staff.

Police Investigate the Fight

The police said that they have the video with them and are investigating this fight. The Interim Superintendent of the school district, Scotty Pierce, said that the Booneville fight happened two weeks ago off the school property in a field on East Ivy Street in Booneville, Arkansas.

Family Members in Pain

A family member of the smaller boy in the video said that they would be pressing charges and are very upset with what happened. The victim’s sister said, “Bullying needs to stop, and everyone involved in this needs to have consequences because nobody stopped the fight knowing my brother was getting kicked pretty bad.” She also said that her brother was “developmentally slow.”

School District Releases Statement

The Booneville School District released a statement saying “In regards to the fighting video on Facebook: Both students are high school students here at Booneville. This did not happen on school grounds. Both parents of the minor students have been notified and it is being investigated by the proper authorities. Thank you to those that notified us. Feel free to share this info.”

Identity of Bully Possibly Revealed

Some people have posted comments on Facebook after watching this graphic video and have given their reactions. Some of them have claimed that the Booneville bully is Noah Reyes and is a football star for the team Booneville Bearcats. One person has written that nothing can be done about this because Reyes is a football star.

Viewers Enraged after Watching Fight Video

One person commented, “the parents of the victim can show this video to the police, their lawyer, and the judge in court, as they sue the bully, his parents, and the school board, and the school principal.” This incident has renewed calls for ending bullying in schools everywhere.

To watch the Booneville fight video, just click below:


Please note that the Facebook post referred to and quoted in the article was later taken down.