Body of Missing Mom TerriLynn St. John Found, Suspect Alvin Keyser in Custody

The search for TerriLynn St. John, the young Virginia mother who mysteriously vanished from her driveway, has come to a grim end. The body of the 23-year-old was found a short distance from her Middlesex County home at around 9:00 a.m. Alvin Keyser, an acquaintance, is in custody.

The body of TerriLynn St. John was found the morning of March 1, 2018. The Virginia woman went missing on Tuesday, February 27, mysteriously leaving her two young children alone inside the home. She was in the middle of getting her two daughters, ages 2 and 3, ready to go to daycare when she simply vanished.

She was reported missing by her father when he heard from her co-workers that she’d failed to show up at work. She was last heard from around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Her boyfriend, Mac Kennard, last saw her at 4:20 a.m. when he kissed her goodbye before leaving for work.

TerriLynn St. John Struggled with Suspect Beside Her Car

St. John’s father stopped off at her home to make sure she was okay. He found the door open and saw that his two grandchildren were there alone. He then called the local sheriff’s office.

Middlesex County police said the young woman’s vehicle was still in the driveway and there were signs of a struggle.

Family members believe St. John went to her car when she was confronted by someone she ended up struggling with.

“They looked through the woods and you could definitely tell there has been a struggle beside my daughter’s car,” said TerriLynn’s father, Terry St. John. “Jewelry was all around, like it had been broken off. Her cellphone was found in the bushes.

Suspect in St. John’s Murder Confesses

After a two-day search, the body of TerriLynn St. John was found two miles from her home alongside Barricks Mill Road in Pine Top, Virginia. It was covered with leaves.

A suspect, Alvin Keyser, 23, was taken into custody.

Keyser was known to the victim and the father of her children. A look at St. John’s Facebook page shows she is friends with a Middlesex, Virginia resident named Alvin Keyser.

Major Michael Sampson of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office said Keyser showed them where St. John’s body was located. Sampson also reported that Keyser admitted to getting into a physical confrontation with the victim and pushing her out of a van he was driving. He then allegedly said he hit St. John some more and strangled her. The suspect also admitted to moving her body.

“The closure on this is not good closure, but it is closure,” Sheriff David Bushey told reporters.

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Biggest Lead Came From Social Media Post

Deputies searched for St. John using canines and air surveillance and conducted interviews. But, Sampson said, their biggest lead came when someone saw a social media post made by someone recounting something Keyser said.

Authorities have not said what the comment was, but Keyser was interviewed by detectives Wednesday night. He then contacted them Thursday morning.

Keyser was not one of the four persons of interest they initially identified.

TerriLynn’s Facebook page is full of smiling pictures of her with her children, boyfriend, and friends.

Her last post was on February 25, just two days before she was murdered, “Sometimes you just have to accept what happened, smile, and move on.”