Body of Missing Lockport Man Sean Joy Found in Des Plaines River

The search for a missing Lockport man ended after Sean Joy’s body was pulled out of the Des Plaines River this past Friday (April 13).

This is the latest on the search for Lockport, Illinois’ Sean Joy. We’ll look at the mysterious circumstances surrounding his disappearance and the discovery of his body. Here is an update on this case.

Sean Joy Goes Missing

From all accounts, 20-year-old Sean Joy is not the type of guy to just go missing. Pictures of him are filled with smiles and fun. In his cousin Rachael’s tweet about Joy, he can be seen joking around with her. But on March 21, 2017, Sean Joy disappeared.

At first, his family didn’t notice. It wasn’t unusual for him to disappear for a day at a friend’s place. But after a day came and went, the family began getting worried. Text messages and calls went unanswered. Joy’s sister Allison went into the garage where he liked to hang out. There, she discovered his phone and wallet.

Police referred to the disappearance as “abnormal circumstances,” but they have declined to disclose why. What we do know is that Sean Joy left everything behind: his wallet and phone, as well as a vague note saying that he was “sorry.”

A witness came forward saying that they had seen someone matching Joy’s description just after midnight on March 22. The person was reportedly heading toward the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.

No Reason Why He Would Leave

His family was unable to come to an explanation as to why Joy would leave. As Allison told the Chicago Tribune, “It’s not like he had a fight with a girlfriend or with any of us.”

The possibility that Sean Joy may have been out to commit suicide was not openly mentioned by police, but his cousin Rachael seemly hinted at it in one of her tweets, stating, “He isn’t a danger to anyone but himself.”

A Leg Found, and Then a Body

Weeks went by before a lead appeared. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good one. On April 11, a human leg belonging to a white male was found at Lockport Lock and Dam by one of the workers in the area.

According to Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Dan Jungles, the workers almost didn’t think twice about it. “One of the workers had spotted the leg. They originally thought it was a Halloween prop.”

Officials began to look into DNA in order to determine who the leg belonged to. In the meantime, renewed efforts were made to search both the river and the area around it. A visual and sonar search was conducted using staff members from the Joliet, Romeoville, Plainfield, and Wilmington police departments.

On Friday, April 13, officials found a body floating by the Ruby Street bridge. Dental records quickly confirmed that the body was that of Sean Joy. Shortly afterward, it was also confirmed that the leg belonged to the missing man.

The Investigation Continues

While Sean Joy’s body has been found, the investigation is still ongoing. Officials will be working to determine what exactly happened to Sean Joy, why his leg was separated from his body, and what may have been behind his death.

If you have any information that you feel may be helpful, you are urged to contact the Lockport Police Department at (815) 838-2132.