Body Cam Video: Officer Given Narcan after Drug Exposure

Last week saw the release of Columbus, Ohio police body cam footage, which showed an officer experiencing a medical incident after being exposed to a drug in a frightening situation.

We have the latest on the condition of the officer, the video footage of the incident, and the arrest that led to the exposure to crystal meth.

A Routine Drug Bust Turns Scary

Two Columbus, Ohio police officers were in the midst of a drug bust in the parking lot of a gas station located at 3600 Interchange Road when something went terribly wrong. While beginning search and arrest proceedings, an unknown white powder blew from a bag containing a cell phone into an officer’s face.

Almost immediately, the officer began having an adverse reaction. Another officer joined the two and quickly began asking the suspect about what drug the powder was. As far as the suspect knew, it was crystal methamphetamine possibly mixed with a substance she was told is called “icer.”

Upon the arrival of the other officer, Narcan, a drug used to block the effects of an opioid, was administered. Both officers at the scene had a kit containing the nasal spray that is typically used when a person experiences difficulties breathing after being exposed to an opioid. The officer was then transferred to Grant Medical Center.

The Officer Is Okay

While the footage from the body cam is somewhat scary, the unidentified officer has since been treated and released from the hospital. During testing, the drug believed to be an opioid was proven to be crystal methamphetamine with no other substances.

Even though Narcan is only useful in the case of an opioid overdose, its administration was warranted. Recently, there has been an epidemic of street drugs being laced with fentanyl, a very powerful opioid that can easily cause overdoses and death. The worry was that the drug the officer came in contact with may have been cut with fentanyl and, rather than risk it, the other officers treated him accordingly with Narcan.

A Grandmother Charged

Arrested was Danielle Vance of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. She was charged and pleaded guilty to possession of drug abuse instruments on Monday, April 9. Not much else is known about Vance in terms of a possible criminal history, but her Facebook page proudly proclaims her to be a mother and grandmother.

There is currently no word from officials about any further charges, if any, that may be laid against Vance.