Billy Chemirmir from Kenya, Arrested in the U.S. Could Be a Serial Killer

Billy Chemirmir was arrested for the murder of one elderly woman, and is accused of attacking two more. Investigators are saying that these crimes may just be the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll look at how Chemirmir allegedly has one woman, and why the police think there may be more bodies attached to his name.

One Murder, Two Suspected Attacks

45-year-old Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir, who worked as a home health care nurse in the Dallas, Texas area, was arrested for the murder of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris. A pillow, smeared with make-up, was found near her body.

Police began tracking Chemirmir on an unrelated case when another family suspected him of stealing from an elderly relative. Police witnessed Chemirmir discard a jewelry box and piece of paper. The piece of paper led investigators back to Harris and her death.

After his arrest, two other elderly women came forward, both describing similar attacks allegedly made by Chemirmir. In the case of a 93-year-old woman in Frisco, Texas, he allegedly posed as a maintenance worker at the retirement facility. When she declined his help, he forced his way in and attempted to suffocate her.

For a 91-year-old woman in Plano, Texas, once again, Chemirmir allegedly forced his way in and tried to suffocate her.

Being Held on Multiple Charges with Possibly More to Come

As of this writing, Chemirmir has been charged with the murder of Harris, and the attempted murder in Frisco. He is currently sitting in jail on a $1.0 million bond, but that might not be all Chemirmir will face.

There is first the matter of his being in the country. There are reports that Chemirmir, who is originally from Kenya, is in the United States illegally. According to these reports, there is an immigration hold on Chemirmir in the U.S.

Investigators are also looking at other unattended elderly deaths going as far back as 2010. That is approximately 750 cases.

Chemirmir is not unknown to Texas police. He has at least two drunk driving convictions, as well as arrests for assault family violence, criminal trespass, and providing a false identity. The latter charges reportedly relate to him trying to make his way into a senior’s facility.

If you have any information on Chemirmir and/or any of these possible crimes, you are asked to call investigators at 972-941-5785.