Dentist Bert Franklin Accused of Plotting to Kill Murdered Baby’s Mother

Dentist Bert Franklin, who is accused of murdering his mistress’ young son, is now charged with allegedly planning to kill his mistress from prison so she could not testify against him. Here is what you should know about the case.

A new felony case has been opened against dentist Bert Franklin, 36. Franklin had already been accused of killing the 19-month-old son of his mistress, Roxanne Randall, in July 2016. Now he’s been charged with allegedly plotting to kill Randall from behind bars so she couldn’t testify against him in court.

How It All Started

Randall had been having an affair with the married Bert Franklin for about a year when her son, Lincoln Von Henry Lewis, suffered fatal injuries in her Oklahoma City residence.  Video footage allegedly shows Franklin smashing Lincoln’s head into the ground and then nonchalantly carrying the boy while getting a slice of a pizza.

Talking about the alleged murder, Randall told Dr. Phil, “’Lincoln was laying on the couch, looking up at the TV, so I went to walk around to give him his pacifier and Bert was on the other couch.” Randall was unaware of the fact that her son had been fatally injured.

“[Franklin] was like, ‘No, he’s asleep,’ so I put his pacifier on the arm of the couch and went back upstairs. I guess that’s whenever he picked up Lincoln and carried his body around. So he carried him into the kitchen, gets another piece of pizza, and eventually takes him to my room and lays him on my bed.”

When Randall picked up her son, he was already brain dead.

When she realized her son was not responsive, Randall took him to the hospital where she learned he had skull fractures. Because his condition was so critical, Lincoln was flown to a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital, but he soon died.

Randall later told the authorities that on July 17, 2016, she heard a loud thud from an upstairs bedroom where Franklin was with Lincoln. Franklin told her that the noise came from a small ball that he threw to a puppy.

Bert Franklin’s Arrest & Alleged Plot

Bert Franklin was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of his lover’s son. He has been held without bail in the Oklahoma County jail since July 2016.

Prosecutors believe Franklin’s motive may have been jealousy. They say he was upset because Randall had been spending time with her son’s biological father.

Jury selection was set to begin on December 4, 2017, but it was postponed after prosecutors announced a new charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder against Franklin.

Prosecutors allege that Franklin asked his fellow inmates to kill Randall, who is the key witness in her son’s murder case. However, the inmates Franklin allegedly solicited were working with law enforcement as confidential informants in unrelated cases.

A court affidavit claims that in August 2016, Franklin spoke to the first informant about the possibility of murdering a witness in a murder case.

Prosecutors allege that Franklin also gave a second informant driving instructions to Randall’s house, as well as information about her home security cameras.

Franklin allegedly transferred $300.00 to a third informant’s account as compensation for the murder, according to the affidavit.

Franklin’s defense attorney says his client denies plotting to kill Randall and murdering Lincoln.