Bayfair Shooting: 1 Suspect Wounded, 1 at Large after Shooting Involving San Leandro Police

One suspect is wounded and another is still at large after a shootout at the Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, California.

Here’s the latest information on what happened at Bayfair Mall.

An Auto Burglary Goes Awry

Details are still becoming available as the investigation continues, but here is what we know right now.

Fremont police were in the midst of investigating an auto burglary at the Bayfair Mall parking lot when the suspects rammed a Fremont police car with a vehicle.

It was at this point, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a gunfight ensued, wounding one of the suspects. The second suspect managed to escape. Fremont police then instituted a shelter in the neighborhoods of Hesperian Boulevard, Upton Avenue, Floresta Boulevard, and Washington Avenue. People living in those areas are recommended to stay inside with the doors locked.

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital, his condition and status have not currently been unreleased to the public. As of this writing, the second suspect is still at large.