DeOrr Kunz Theories: What Happened to Baby DeOrr? Where Is He?

What happened to baby DeOrr Kunz? This is a question that continues to haunt many. It has been over two years now and neither the investigators nor baby DeOrr’s family have been able to find out: where is baby DeOrr Kunz? People Magazine Investigates: Lost in the Woods aired November 13, 2017 on Investigation Discovery, and it covered the baby DeOrr missing case exclusively. If you want to know more about baby DeOrr Kunz theories, then keep reading.

Every parent’s worst nightmare is a child who disappears and cannot be found. It has been two years since the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz, who was lovingly nicknamed “Little Man” by his family. Investigators and others are actively searching for the child. But in the midst of their investigation, they are surrounded by a lot of baby DeOrr Kunz theories. Right now, the only news that DeOrr’s family and the world wants is that baby DeOrr has been found. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; to date, the case of Little Man remains unsolved.

What Happened to Baby DeOrr Kunz?

DeOrr Kunz was born in 2012 to Vernal DeOrr Kunz and Jessica Mitchell Anderson. He was the youngest and the most lovable grandchild, according to Jessica’s mother, Trina Bates Clegg. DeOrr Kunz was taken camping by his mother, father, Jessica’s grandfather Robert Walton, and Walton’s friend Isaac Reinwand in July 2015. They all went to the Timber Creek campground near Leadore, Idaho.

Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz said they went to look for a place to fish. Both parents thought that DeOrr was with Jessica’s grandfather, but upon returning they discovered that DeOrr was nowhere to be found. Kunz said, “I walked up the embankment and when I looked over, he wasn’t in his chair and he wasn’t with [Walton].”

Mitchell panicked and searched everywhere for her child. After the search failed, Mitchell and Kunz called 911 and informed them about the disappearance of DeOrr.

At the time of his disappearance, DeOrr was wearing a camouflage jacket, cowboy boots, and blue pajama pants. Two-year-old DeOrr just totally disappeared on July 10.

No Sign of the Little Man

Authorities reached the site and searched everywhere for baby DeOrr, but there was no sign of him. In fact, divers searched the nearby reservoir. Many people also volunteered to search for DeOrr, to no avail.

All four adults who went camping with the boy have been interviewed numerous times, but nobody knows where the child is. Mitchell’s grandfather said he thought that DeOrr was with his parents.

During the investigation, Lemhi County Sheriff Steve Penner said, “There were four people there, and they have been less than truthful. No one has been cleared.”

Where Is Baby DeOrr Kunz?

DeOrr Kunz

Photo: Instagram/nowheretobefound11

His parents were named suspects, but nobody has been arrested and no warrants have been issued.

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman said, “We’ve literally torn that country apart and found absolutely not one clue. We conducted an exhaustive search of the area, which included eight agencies, multiple dog search groups, and well over 100 people.”

Three days after DeOrr went missing, Kunz said in an interview, “We’re looking for you, son, and we will find you. We love you more than anything in the world. You have a lot of people that love you and buddy, we’ll find you.” Mitchell also added, “If somebody has him, please don’t hurt him. Just bring him home safely where he belongs.”

Baby DeOrr Kunz Theories

  • Large Animal Dragged the Boy off for Food

Horribly, there was speculation that DeOrr could have been dragged from the campsite by a wild animal searching for food. There were a lot of wild animals reported in that area. However, this theory was deemed baseless as there was no evidence that DeOrr was taken by an animal. There was no clothing, shoes, or blood found in the area. In fact, the authorities also checked a wolf’s den to see if they could gather evidence. Hence, this theory was scratched off the list.

  • Forced or Unforced Abduction, Including Sale of the Child

Again, because there was no evidence of a forced or unforced abduction, this theory was also dismissed. If DeOrr had been kidnapped, it’s thought the abductors likely would have asked for a ransom, but no such demand was ever made. Additionally, no other campers were seen in the area at the time that DeOrr disappeared.

  • Possible Homicide, Either Intentional or Accidental

Investigators speculated that there might have been a homicide, either accidental or intentional. Apparently, DeOrr’s father Vernal Kunz failed five polygraph tests and his stories were inconsistent. Kunz was considered a suspect in the disappearance of his child. However, he denied any wrongdoing and claimed that, no matter what, he would find DeOrr.

Jessica Mitchell also failed four polygraph tests and her account of the events varied.

In more recent developments, a private investigator disclosed that he’d allegedly discovered blood splatter on Kunz’s truck. This heightened suspicions around the parents.

Authorities say the investigation is still open and they are working hard to find the Little Man. Mitchell and Kunz split up after their son’s disappearance.

In fact, in a video, Mitchell says, “I believe DeOrr’s father could have hurt him. He’s living his life like it’s nothing and I’m falling apart every day.”

However, Vernal denied the allegations and said, “I would never harm my child. Nothing about my life is normal anymore. Not a single minute goes by that I don’t try to figure out what happened to my son, and I’ll never ever stop looking for him.”

Furthermore, both parents feel that their son is very much alive.

Lemhi County Sheriff Steve Penner said, “Our investigators continue to work diligently to explore all possibilities. We can’t afford to close any doors or to let frustration drive the investigation in any single direction.”