Authorities are on the Lookout for a Man Who Reportedly Brutally Attacked His Girlfriend

A very violent incident took place in South Carolina’s Spartanburg County on Friday, wherein a woman was reportedly attacked for refusing to give her boyfriend money. More details on the case are below.

On Friday, authorities responded to a domestic violence incident in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Officials working with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said they went to the Hot Spot store on Blackstock Road.

Upon reaching the location, authorities were informed by staff that a female victim was hiding in the bathroom, tending to injuries after she was attacked in the parking lot.

Officials revealed that the victim was found crying, bleeding from several areas, limping, and had a “bloody and swollen split lip.” She told them that she had been trying to end her relationship with the suspect, Jeremy Owings, for weeks.

Before the attack, she was with a friend who was filling up their car. While buying a drink in the store, the victim saw that Owings was standing behind her. He allegedly continuously asked her for money even after she refused. 

He then reportedly followed her to her friend’s vehicle. The victim explained that she sat in the passenger seat and tried to shut the door. She claimed that Owings stopped her from shutting the door and attempted to punch her before trying to talk to her again.

When she tried closing the door again, Owings allegedly opened it, got hold of her right ankle, and pulled her out of the vehicle. He is then said to have kicked and hit her when she fell to the ground.

The victim added that Owings revealed a small knife and sliced her right arm twice. Her friend confirmed the story and told authorities that she dialed 911 after she attempted to interfere, and the suspect threatened her. 

The friend also added that Owings took her bag while she was calling police, and ran down Hayne Street towards W Blackstock Road. The victim was taken by EMS to Spartanburg Regional for her injuries.

As of now, details on the victim and her friend have not been released. Deputies are still investigating the case and Owings is still at large. Once arrested, he will be charged with aggravated criminal domestic violence, robbery, and assault with a knife.