Authorities Arrest Cheshire High School Student for Making a “Serious” Threat

The Florida shooting has haunted schools all over the country in its aftermath. Authorities have been on high alert for any signs of danger, especially in schools. Most recently, Cheshire Police arrested a Connecticut student who attended the local high school for making threats, and charges were filed. Read all about the Connecticut teen’s arrest here.

A Serious Threat

A high school student from the Cheshire Public School district was arrested by local police on Sunday, February 25. According to Cheshire Superintendent Jeff Solan, the student is accused of making a “serious but generic threat.”

Solan issued a statement to assure parents and residents who were alarmed by the arrest. He said that the threats didn’t mention any specific school or people.

However, both Solan and the authorities have withheld sharing information on the arrested student’s name, age, and grade.

The Superintendent assured concerned parents that the school is under no threat at the moment. The authorities are currently investigating the matter.

Cheshire police Lt. Jeffrey Sutherland said the arrested student has been  “remanded to custody.” The student has been charged with first-degree threatening. The threat has resulted in heightened security around the area.

First-degree threatening is a felony charge when one threatens to use a hazardous substance with the intent to terrorize someone, causes the evacuation of a building or a public place, or otherwise causes significant public inconvenience with reckless disregard for others.

Solan informed the parents that because of “the concern that this information undoubtedly causes we plan to increase police presence in and around our schools for the time being.” 

He added that such threats are being taken very seriously by communities, especially since the February 14 massacre where Nikolas Cruz opened fire on unsuspecting people.

“Our staff has been vigilant about the importance of reporting concerning behaviors and statements,” Solan said.

Cheshire law enforcement and local schools will coordinate to implement better security measures. A recent security audit was conducted to inspect the security protocol.  

As Solan assured, “We will continue to work closely with our community partners to take whatever steps necessary to ensure a secure environment for all of our students, staff, and families.”