Three Men Wanted for Attempted Blowtorch Robbery at Car Wash

A manhunt is underway for three masked men in an attempted blowtorch robbery at a Massachusetts car wash.  

A surveillance camera caught three men attempting a blowtorch robbery at Haffner’s Car Wash in Lawrence, Massachusetts on January 28, 2018.

According to Lawrence police, the incident took place at approximately 3:15 a.m. At this time, three masked men entered the car wash parking lot in a stolen 1999 green “Honda CR-V.”

The attempted blowtorch robbery of the car wash’s cash and ticket machine also included the use of a crowbar and sledgehammer.

In the surveillance footage, the men are seen using the blowtorch first to open the machine. When that didn’t work, they turned to the sledgehammer and crowbar.

After failing to open the ticket machine, they fled the scene in the stolen SUV. The men are still on the run and the stolen SUV has not been recovered.

One of the men was described as wearing a blue “North Face” jacket and black sweatpants. He has long hair and is light-skinned.

Another man was described as wearing a gray sweatshirt with a “Nike” logo and having a tattoo on his left hand.

Blowtorch Robbery Stokes Safety Fears

Patrick Bernard, an employee at the car wash, first learned about the attempted robbery when he arrived for his shift.

“We had about 650 cars done. It was a really really busy day,” he said. “(There was) a good $6,000 in there.”

This incident has Bernard worried for his safety because there are times when he works the night shift alone.

“After that I was like, wow, I was in shock because this place has never been broken into, ever,” he said. “Who knows what could happen next. They already came with a torch. Who knows what could come next.”

The owner of Haffner’s Car Wash is looking to improve security and ensure money isn’t left overnight in machines.