Ashley Morris Mullis: Must-Know Facts about Her Strange Disappearance

Ashley Morris Mullis, 27, vanished without a trace from Royerton, Indiana on Thursday, September 19, 2013. Described as a loving and kind-hearted mother, no one believes that she would simply walk away from her three beautiful children. But why would anyone want to hurt Mullis or want her to disappear? This list of Ashley Morris Mullis facts sheds light on a missing persons case that surprisingly has very little documented evidence.

Ashley Morris Mullis Had Three Children

By all accounts, Mullis was a caring woman who loved her children. When she disappeared, she had two sons with Justin Mullis, a five-year-old and two-year-old, as well as a six-month-old daughter with Daniel York Sr.

About Ashley Morris Mullis
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight115 lbs
ParentsDon Morris
BORNMarch 1, 1986
MISSING SINCESeptember 19, 2013
LAST SEEN PLACEMuncie, Indiana

According to her father, Don Morris, Mullis loved crafts, antiquing, and refinishing furniture. She was also very outgoing and loved to fish and camp. Mullis “loved to do it all,” he said.

Born March 1, 1986, she’d be 32 years old now.

Ashley Morris Mullis

Ashley Morris Mullis; Photo:

She Was Legally Separated from Her Husband

Around 2011, while Justin and Ashley Mullis were legally separated, his cousin took her to get some repair work done on her car.

There, Mullis met 60-year-old Daniel York Sr., the owner of the repair shop and a resident of Royerton, Indiana. Despite their age difference, the two hit it off and soon became involved.

Daniel York Sr.

Daniel York Sr.; Photo:

York, who was already married, had a penchant for younger women. As is often the case in new relationships, York promised Mullis the world and that the two of them would move to Florida, buy a house, and build a family.

It would take a while though for their dreams to take flight since York was married. In the meantime, Mullis rented a property from him.

Apparently, York’s wife knew about his relationship with Mullis. And it doesn’t appear as though she asked her husband to stop seeing her.

In March 2013, Mullis and York welcomed a baby girl named Abigail.

A Warrant Was Issued for Ashley Morris Mullis’ Arrest

Justin and Ashley Mullis shared two dogs. An incident occurred where Mullis thought her estranged husband was looking after them while he believed that she was.

For some reason, Ashley Mullis was charged with neglect but was unaware, as she was in the process of moving. Not surprisingly, she didn’t show up for the hearing, and a warrant was issued for her arrest because she didn’t appear in court.

The authorities never located Mullis because she had already vanished. Neither her family nor investigators believe the warrant was in any way connected with her disappearance. It was a simple misunderstanding that would have easily been resolved.

She and Daniel York Sr. Were Last Seen Together on September 18, 2013

Ashley Morris Mullis, 27, was last seen by her family on September 17, 2013, at a family reunion. There was no indication that anything was wrong that day.

According to a source, she and Daniel York Sr. were seen together the following day at a business location they frequented. However, the source did not say what the business was or how often they went there. York went to the same location several times after this date but never with Mullis.

Mullis’ cousin-in-law claims that she last spoke to her on September 18, 2013.

Ashley Morris Mullis Disappeared on September 19, 2013

Mullis was last seen by a friend getting her nails done at Muncie Nail Salon in Muncie, Indiana on September 19, 2013. This was also the last day of any incoming and outgoing calls on her cell phone.

After that, Ashley Morris Mullis vanished into thin air.

Mullis stands five-foot-six and weighs 115 pounds, with brown eyes and long, dark hair. She also has two tattoos—“Ashton” on her upper left arm and a small butterfly on her right leg. The then-27-year-old was last seen wearing a v-neck shirt and jeans.

Ashley Morris Mullis Missing Poster

She Wasn’t Reported Missing for Weeks

There are many gaping holes surrounding Ashley Morris Mullis’ disappearance.

She was allegedly last seen by her boyfriend’s family on September 18, 2013, in Royerton, Indiana. And a friend claims to have seen Mullis on September 19, 2013, getting her nails done at Muncie Nail Salon in Muncie, Indiana. But for some reason that has never been confirmed.

Regardless, Mullis’ disappearance was not reported to police until October 10, 2013. In some circles, this has been chalked up to a miscommunication between the families.

The missing woman’s father, Don Morris, was contacted by Mullis’ estranged husband, stating he’d tried to contact her several times but was unable to reach her. Morris then attempted to contact his daughter himself, going so far as to leave a note on the door of her house.

After laying low for two weeks, Morris finally caught up with his daughter’s boyfriend, Daniel York Sr. He maintained that Mullis just up and left and that he didn’t know where she was.

Something didn’t sit right about that with Morris. There is no way Mullis would leave her children or disappear without telling someone in her family where she was going.

It was then that the police were contacted. But even that didn’t go according to plan, as the search for Mullis was further delayed thanks to miscommunication from law enforcement.

Morris said that it took several days to get direction on who should take the missing persons report—the city police or the county sheriff’s office. It seemed like it would be pretty straightforward, but it wasn’t.

According to Morris, he filed a missing persons report three times with the city police, but because it happened in Delaware County, they were told to file the paperwork with the county sheriff’s office.  Meanwhile, county representatives kept sending the reports back to the police, and this went on for three days.

The missing persons paperwork then sat on a desk with the city police for five days and then at the county’s office for an additional five days. All of this can be backed up with electronic communication between the three parties.

Daniel York Sr.’s Cousin Was Sheriff

Daniel York Sr.’s cousin, Michael Scroggins, was Delaware County Sheriff at the time Ashley Morris Mullis disappeared. Although correlation does not imply causation, it appears York’s relationship with his cousin prevented him from thoroughly being investigated in Mullis’ disappearance.

Sheriff Michael Scroggins

Sheriff Michael Scroggins; Photo:

By all accounts, this would appear to be a serious oversight since the police always and without question look at the victim’s spouse or partner. Mullis and York were dating when she vanished, and he was the father of her youngest child, Abigail.

Both Daniel York Sr. and his cousin, Michael Scroggins, have since died.

Was Ashley Morris Mullis Planning on Leaving Town?

There isn’t a lot of concrete, verifiable details on Ashley Morris Mullis’ disappearance. After she went missing, York was confronted by David Morris and investigators about Mullis’ whereabouts, but his story was full of holes and discrepancies.

When questioned by detectives, York said that Mullis took $15,000, signed her parental rights to Abigail over to him, and promptly left town. He then obtained a lawyer and would only speak to police if his attorney was present.

Daniel York Sr. was never fully investigated.

Mullis allegedly told other people she was going to leave town, too, but details on this claim have been difficult to verify. That said, withdrawing large sums of money and signing over her parental rights does seem to back up claims that Mullis was going to leave the area.

But according to Delaware County Police Detective