What Is an Artillery Simulator? Incendiary Device Caused Austin Goodwill Blast

An “explosion” in an Austin, Texas area Goodwill turned out to not be an explosion at all, and not connected to the recent Austin bombings.

But what exactly happened? What is an artillery simulator? We have all the details about what actually occurred at the Goodwill.

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Not an Explosion

Tuesday (March 20) evening, there was an incident at a Goodwill located at 9801 Brodie Lane after they received a package that was deemed not suitable for donation. While moving the object that was military in appearance, it detonated, injuring one of the Goodwill workers.

Immediately, thoughts turned to the Austin bomber, a person who has been terrorizing the city over the past month with explosive devices left in seemingly random places. He already struck early that morning, was he increasing the speed of his reign of terror?

In this case, it wasn’t the Austin bomber, nor was it a copycat. It wasn’t even an explosion. The culprit was a piece of military equipment that may have been donated by accident.

What Is an Artillery Simulator?

As it turns out, the device that was donated was some sort of artillery simulator. They are used in military training to simulate the sound and feeling of an explosion going off. Unfortunately, in this case, the device went off in the Goodwill worker’s hands, injuring him.

But, the device’s detonation was enough to scare everyone, as it was better to be safe than sorry. Nearby businesses were evacuated while the incident was investigated.

Investigators determined the device was an artillery simulator, not an actual explosive. They also determined that it was more than likely donated by accident as opposed to the Austin bomber, a copycat, or prankster sending it.

Military equipment like artillery simulators are often donated by families who don’t really know what it is they are donating when clearing out a relative’s home.