Arthur Ream Update: Prosecutor Doubts Killer’s Claims, Police Ask Victims to Come Forward

Unfortunately, the six-day dig at the Macomb Township woods didn’t turn up the bodies of alleged victims of Arthur Ream. As the search is halted until law enforcement decides the next step, the former prosecutor of Ream’s case has doubts about the convicted murderer’s claims. Meanwhile, Michigan police have requested any other victims of Ream to come forward.

Macomb Search Proves Unsuccessful

A week-long excavation of the Macomb Township area turned up nothing. Investigators suspect Arthur Ream is a serial killer responsible for the disappearances of Kimberly King, Kim Larrow, Kellie Brownlee, and Nadine O’Dell, but their bodies were not found at the site.

Ream is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Cindy Zarzycki, and investigators believed the remains of up to six other missing girls would be found in the same area. Authorities have now suspended the search in Macomb Township after six days.

The dig has been halted while police evaluate the next step. They could decide to resume the excavation in the same area, or move to other possible locations.

Former Prosecutor Speaks Out

While the extensive search turned up nothing, Steve Kaplan, a former Macomb County assistant prosecutor, is questioning Ream’s motive.

Kaplan was the attorney who obtained the first-degree murder conviction against Ream in Cindy Zarzycki’s murder. Kaplan had neither a body nor evidence that she was dead. But after he was convicted in 2008, Ream led police to Zarzycki’s remains in the wooded area of Macomb Township.

Kaplan believes that Ream is capable of the unsolved disappearances of the other young girls. “He never said there were others but because of what we learned about him, we always thought there were other victims,” said Kaplan.

Investigators who reopened Kimberley King’s cold case were back on the site where Zarzycki’s remains were found in 2008 last Monday (May 7). Police received a tip from Ream’s fellow inmates that the convicted predator bragged about killing several people.

But Kaplan believes this is Ream’s ploy for attention. “He is an incorrigible and chronic liar. He is incapable of being truthful,” said Kaplan. He recalled that Ream would bait investigators back when he was being tried for Zarzycki’s murder.

“I think he likes attention,” said the former prosecutor adding, “Somehow police received a tip Arthur Ream was boasting about committing other murders they interviewed him. In his unusual way, his inimitable way, he led them on [and] gave them just enough information to seem credible.”

Kaplan is of the opinion that Ream wants an audience. He doubts that Ream killed the other women because it doesn’t fit his M.O.

Even Ream’s defense attorney, Tim Kohler said that Ream “baited people,” and likes to be the “center of attention.” Kohler claims there was no indication that Ream killed other women.

Police Look for Other Victims

When Arthur Ream was arrested for Cindy Zarzycki’s disappearance, several past victims came forward alleging that he sexually assaulted them. Ream admitted that he had a fetish for teenage girls, and previously served five years for sexually assaulting a child.

Now, authorities believe that there are more victims who survived Ream. Police have urged anyone who was a victim of Ream, or has information related to the case to contact Warren Police Department at 586-574-4700.