Casino Employee Suspected in Vegas Shooting Captured

Anthony J. Wrobel, the man accused of shooting two casino executives during a company picnic, has been captured in Texas. Here is the latest on the former Venetian casino employee’s arrest, and the shooting he was alleged to have committed.

A Disgruntled Employee

According to Las Vegas police and FBI detachment, Wrobel’s attack on two Venetian casino executives was well-planned and staged. Wrobel allegedly used The Venetian casino’s picnic as an easy way to target 54-year-old Mia Banks and Hector Rodriguez.

It’s believed Wrobel arrived at Sunset Park for the company picnic and asked other employees where the two executives could be found. He then allegedly walked right up to both Banks and Rodriguez and shot them at point-blank range. Banks, vice-president of casino operations, died from her wounds in hospital. Rodriguez, executive director of table games, survived and is currently listed in stable condition.

Authorities say Wrobel fled in a purple Dodge Charger that was found at the McCarran International Airport. They claim it was his intention to throw Las Vegas police off his scent by leading them to believe he had already left the state, and possibly the country.

In reality, Wrobel had allegedly planted a silver Cadillac at the airport three days earlier. He then drove the Cadillac to Cedar City, Utah, where authorities say he stole another set of license plates before heading to Texas.

Las Vegas police allege that Wrobel was a disgruntled employee. Police Captain Robert Plummer stated, “As we’ve seen too often in this country, this awful crime occurred because a disgruntled employee decided to take out his anger by using violence.”

The Las Vegas Sands Corp., parent company of The Venetian, offered a $50,000 reward for information that would lead to Wrobel’s capture.

Caught in Texas

At the end of the day, Wrobel was caught because of good police work and bad luck. While he rested in the front seat of the Cadillac at a rest stop in Vega, Texas, an officer did a routine search on the Cadillac’s license plate, only to find that the plates were stolen.

When officers approached the car to arrest Wrobel, he allegedly reached for a 9-mm handgun that was in the front seat with him. He quickly relented and submitted to police without further incident.

Wrobel is in the process of being transported back to Nevada to face charges of murder, attempted murder, and armed battery. More charges in relation to his flight from justice are also expected.

While the officers involved are not eligible for the $50,000 reward, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. is donating the funds to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Who Is Anthony Wrobel?

As he ran from police, we began to learn more about Wrobel and his alleged motives for the shooting. Wrobel is originally from Illinois, where his family still resides. He had worked as a casino dealer at The Venetian for approximately 14 years before the shooting.

Andrew Wrobel

Photo: Oldham County Sheriff’s Office

When searching Wrobel’s home, Las Vegas police discovered a one-page letter. Full details have not been made public, but according to police, the letter spoke of Wrobel’s displeasure with his position at the casino as well as displeasure with management.