Finally, an Arrest in the Murder of NBA Player Lorenzen Wright

In 2010, Lorenzen Wright was a former NBA player who was struggling to find his place in the world without basketball. He visited his ex-wife and then got into a car, never to be seen alive again. For seven years, Wright’s murder has remained unsolved. But, as of yesterday, the wheels of justice have begun to spin again.

What Happened to Lorenzen Wright?

Lorenzen Wright had been a solid NBA player. He had even been drafted ahead of legends Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

By 2010, however, Wright’s playing days had been over for a year after a lackluster season with Cleveland.

On July 18, 2010, Wright traveled to Memphis for a baby shower for his sister and to see his kids and ex-wife.

What happened next depends on whose story you believe. But the one common thread is that Wright got into a car that disappeared into the night.

Shortly after he left the home, Wright’s cell phone called 911. There was no talking from his side of the phone, but on the recorded call, the distinct sound of multiple gunshots can be heard.

Due to some sort of technical mistake, the call was never tracked and wasn’t handed over to the police until nine days later.

Wright’s body would not be found until July 28, 2010. Wright had been shot to death. He was shot at least five times, but his body was so badly decomposed that it was hard to say exactly.

Leads in the murder dried up by December 2010, and it seemed like the murder of Lorenzen Wright would never be solved.

A Break and the Arrest

In November 2017, a gun was retrieved from a lake by County Road 302 in Walnut, Mississippi. Police would not say what led them to the lake, as it was still an ongoing investigation.

A month later, an arrest. Forty-six-year-old Billy Turner was arrested. Police have declined to say what the connection between Turner and Wright was.

Rumors have swirled for years about Lorenzen Wright’s murder, including that he was taken out by professional hit man. But for Wright’s family, this is the first step towards an ending to the story of their son’s murder.