Arraignment Scheduled for Chicopee Woman Charged with DUI, Endangering 9-Year-Old

On Saturday, April 21, 32-year-old Kerri Odea of Chicopee, Massachusetts was arrested for driving under the influence and endangering a nine-year-old child. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Chicopee District Court on April 23.

The unidentified child was treated by EMTs at the scene. She was taken to hospital after her mother arrived at the accident scene.

Odea allegedly had a blood alcohol level of over twice the legal limit of .08% at the time of the crash.

Blood Alcohol Level Was .23%

Before getting behind the wheel, Odea claimed to have been at a friend’s house, confirming that she’d consumed alcohol before leaving.

She was allegedly heading out to a store when she rear-ended a truck near 957 Chicopee St., causing the airbags in her vehicle to deploy.

The other driver was uninjured, and his truck only had minor damage.

Odea’s vehicle, however, sustained major damage.

The nine-year-old girl in the car suffered airbag burn injuries and seat belt contusions.

While at the scene, officers were informed that someone was allegedly helping Odea conceal the fact that she had been drinking.

Despite this, Benjamin Austin, an officer at the scene, claimed that he still smelled the alcohol on Odea’s breath. He also noticed her slurred speech and inability to focus on questions being asked.

At the station, a breathalyzer showed that she had a blood alcohol level of .23%.


Kerri Odea; Photo: Chicopee Police Department

Arraignment Set for Monday

Though details of who the nine-year-old is or what her relationship to Kerri Odea is are unknown, it’s clear she is not the accused’s daughter.

However, Odea is purportedly the mother of a young boy. She is believed to work in a manufacturing company that specializes in military, industrial, and anti-slip coatings, as well as wood-priming products.

Now she is facing charges of operating an unregistered motor vehicle, impaired driving, child endangerment while under the influence of alcohol, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Odea is scheduled to be arraigned later today, at which time she will be formally charged.