Arms and Legs Found Near Torso Found in Brooklyn Park

More body parts were found on Tuesday in a Brooklyn park, not far from where a limbless torso was discovered on April 10. Police continue to scour the area for clues to get to the bottom of this gruesome discovery. Read more about the latest developments in this case here.

More Body Parts Found in Brooklyn Park

A person walking in Brooklyn’s Canarsie Park on Monday discovered a limbless torso and called authorities. Police investigating this grisly discovery scoured the area for more evidence.

As they searched, more body parts were discovered in the park on Tuesday afternoon. Investigators first found a leg, followed by bags of several other body parts.

Law enforcement believe that the body parts belong to the torso that was discovered on Monday night. However, they didn’t elaborate on which parts the bags contained.

A regular visitor to the park discovered the dismembered body about 15 feet off the pedestrian path. The armless and legless torso was facedown and covered with leaves, but not buried.

Another person saw the torso earlier while walking his dog. However, he didn’t call 911, thinking it was fake.

Police said the victim is a woman who was reported missing months ago. Her identity hasn’t been disclosed yet. The cause of death hasn’t been determined so far.

This is a developing story and more details will be known as law enforcement continues to investigate.