Another Turpin Family? Arizona Couple Arrested for Child Abuse of Adopted Children

Benito Gutierrez and Carol Gutierrez were arrested in Tucson, Arizona for child abuse. Their four adopted children were living in squalid conditions. The horrifying abuse of the children is similar to the Turpin family case. David Turpin and Louise Turpin were arrested for putting their 13 children through abusive conditions. Read all about the Gutierrez’s shocking child abuse case here.

A Turpin-Like Tale

Benito Gutierrez, 69, and Carol Gutierrez, 64, were arrested on February 20, according to the Pima County Sheriff’s department. Cops discovered the couple were subjecting their four adopted children to horrible living conditions.

The children, between six and 12 years old, reportedly had no access to food or water for hours on end. One of the rooms had a bucket that was used as a toilet for the children.

“The children were kept in separate bedrooms, which were locked from the outside,” read the statement from the sheriff’s department, “(They had) no access to food, water, lights or bathroom facilities for up to 12 hours at a time on a regular basis.”

Authorities began investigating the Gutierrez couple on February 17 after one of the kids escaped. According to reports, the child fled through a bedroom window and made his way to a nearby store. A worker there called 911 due to the child’s age and condition.

The Gutierrez family’s story of abuse comes after another shocking arrest made last month. David and Louise Turpin were arrested in California a month ago for child abuse of their 13 children.

The Turpin children, ranging from two to 29 years in age, were abused for years and lived in squalor. When they were rescued, they were malnourished and dirty. Some were even shackled to their beds.

The Turpins were arrested after one of the children jumped through the window and called 911 to report allegations similar to the Gutierrez kids. The Turpin couple pleaded not guilty and are being held on $12.0 million bail each.

Benito and Carol Gutierrez face three counts of child abuse. The children have been removed from the home.