Ari Goldstein: Temple University AEPi Frat’s Ex-President Charged with Rape

After Temple University suspended the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity over allegations of sexual assault, a former president of the frat was arrested on May 15. Ari Goldstein is facing charges of attempted rape, among several others. Members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity are also reportedly involved in sexual assault allegations.

Ex-Frat President Arrested

Philadelphia authorities arrested Ari Goldstein, 21, on Tuesday, and charged him with a slew of sexual assault-related charges. He was the president of the now-suspended Temple fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. According to a spokesperson of AEPi, he was not its president at the time of his arrest.

Goldstein is facing charges of indecent assault, attempted rape, attempted sexual assault, witness intimidation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

He was arraigned on May 16, and is being held on a $2.0 million bail. The DA’s office requested the high bail amount given the seriousness of his crime. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 31.

Who Is Ari Goldstein?

Goldstein is a Pennsylvania native from Wrightstown, Bucks County.

Temple University AEPi Frat's Ex-President Charged With Rape

Temple University AEPi Frat’s Ex-President Charged with Rape (Photo: LinkedIn/Ari Goldstein)

He was an engineering student with a focus on construction at Temple, and was set to graduate in 2019. He was a student assistant to the Associate Director of Grants, Budgets and Administration at the University’s Fox School of Business.

Goldstein was an intern at Toll Brothers construction company in the Greater Philadelphia area last year.

Neither the University nor police have commented on his arrest so far.

AEPi Fraternity Suspended

According to police, at least three women came forward with allegations of sexual assault. Two 19-year-old women alleged they were sexually assaulted at a party in the frat.

The incidents of sexual assault reportedly occurred in February and March 2018. The victims reported the assault in April. Information about the third victim was not disclosed.

Captain Mark Burgmann from the Philadelphia Police Department said members of the fraternity gave several drinks to one of the victims who was allegedly assaulted in February. “She says she became dizzy and disoriented and that’s the last thing she remembered until she woke up in bed with one of the members of the fraternity.”

Philadelphia police began investigating the fraternity on April 17, after the women reported the assault. The university was investigating the fraternity since March 30.

Police said they have “credible” reports of underage and excessive drinking, sexual assault, and possible drug use at the AEPi frat parties. AEPi denied the accusations, and assured they are cooperating with the investigation.

Following reports of sexual assault, Temple suspended the AEPi chapter in April, while an investigation into the allegations will be conducted. The fraternity was forced to cease all school-related operations during the suspension.

Jonathan Pierce, a spokesperson for AEPi, said that Goldstein was removed as president after the frat was suspended.

It is not known if the charges against Goldstein are related to the sexual misconduct allegations that got AEPi suspended. If proven guilty, Pierce says that the fraternity will take action about Goldstein’s membership.

“There is clearly no place for this behavior in our organization and, if proven true, I would expect him to be permanently expelled from our fraternity,” said Pierce.

Authorities have urged anyone with information to contact Temple police at 215-204-1234, or [email protected]