Anaheim PD: Search Continues for Armed Suspect on the Loose

*Update: After a nine-hour search, authorities have confirmed that the suspect has been caught. The suspect was found hiding in the attic and turned over to Buena Park PD who will handle the investigation.


Anaheim and Buena Park police departments in California are cooperating in the pursuit of a potentially dangerous suspect. The suspect is possibly armed, which led to Anaheim PD implementing measures to ensure the safety of residents. Read all about Anaheim PD’s pursuit right here.

Shelter in Place Order

Anaheim PD and Buena Park police are working together to catch a potentially armed suspect. The pursuit, which began on Tuesday (March 6) night, led to Anaheim PD enforcing a shelter in place order for an area near Dale Avenue and Stonybrook Drive.

A shelter in place order, or warning, is when residents are urged to seek safety within the building they are already occupying. The residents are expected to remain there until authorities evacuate them from the area or seek community shelter elsewhere. This warning is in place usually in response to chemical/radiological disasters, active shooters, or armed events.

The pursuit for the suspect began at Buena Park, Orange County. It led to Anaheim in Southern California at about 3:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Anaheim PD identified the suspect as male. Reports state that he drove into a residential neighborhood before ditching his vehicle and running on foot.

The pursuit escalated, with the SWAT team being brought in around 7:40 p.m. A perimeter was set, and SWAT is combing the neighborhood of Dale and Stonybrook.

Anaheim PD has been updating residents via Twitter. As of latest tweets, Buena Park authorities have implemented a shelter in place warning in the 700 block of South Yana and the 2700 block of Wilberta Lane. Residents are expected not to leave the place until SWAT evacuates.

Law enforcement is leaving no stone unturned to catch the suspect. The search intensified with K-9 support on the ground and a helicopter making PA announcements and helping in the search from above.

As of the latest tweet by Anaheim PD, the shelter in place order was still in place on Tuesday night. Authorities will give an update as soon as the situation is back to normal.