Amanda De Guio: Drexel Hill Woman Missing Since June 2014

Even after being missing for four years, Amanda De Guio’s family has not given up hope for her return. Her two daughters, along with her mother and father, wait for her every day, as police continue to investigate the case. Who was Amanda De Guio? Read all about the missing woman who was last seen leaving her home in 2014, right here.

Amanda De Guio left behind a wonderful home full of warm people when she disappeared. Her belongings were left behind, and she has not been heard from since. There is no trace of where the now 28-year-old woman might be, but neither the Upper Darby Police Department nor the De Guio family are giving up the search for her.

About Amanda De Guio
Age31 Years
BirthMarch 5, 1990 Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight54 kg
ChildrenSofia Rose, Ava Marie
SiblingsNicole De Guio
ParentsJoanne Bojazi De Guio, John De Guio
AlumniNeumann University
LAST SEENJune 2014 in Drexel Hill, PA

Who Is Amanda De Guio?

Amanda De Guio was born on March 5, 1990, in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania to Joanne Bojazi and John De Guio. She has an older sister, Nicole, and grandmother, Gloria De Guio.

Amanda went to Haverford Senior High School, and was a graduate of Neumann University. She had two daughters, Sofia Rose and Ava Marie, who were two and four years old when she went missing at 24.

De Guio was likely in a relationship with Tom Fratick at the time of her disappearance, and has “Tommy” tattooed on the right side of her torso. She also has a map of Italy on her torso, and “SC” on her left ring finger.

Amanda's Body Tattoo

Credit: Facebook/Help Find Amanda De Guio

Her daughters are now six and eight years old.

How Did Amanda De Guio Vanish?

De Guio’s parents say that they were on vacation before she went missing. When they came back, they went straight to bed. The next day, they went about their business as usual.

On June 7, 2014, Joanne De Guio went to work, and dropped the children to daycare. Once back home for the day, she noticed that her daughter was not there.

Amanda De Guio

Credit: Facebook/HelpFindAmandaDeGuio

Joanne said that all of Amanda’s belongings were left as she remembered, indicating that her daughter did not pack a bag.

However, it was reported that Amanda De Guio took her purse and iPhone with her.

Legal Troubles and Alleged Drug Abuse

De Guio once pleaded guilty to retail theft. According to some reports, she also has an outstanding arrest warrant.

Her family told police that she was known to be involved in prostitution. Nicole De Guio reportedly found a picture of Amanda in the escort section of, a classifieds site, only a few weeks earlier. Though Amanda said it was “just talk,” Nicole was not certain of that.

Nicole claims that Amanda had mental health problems, and was addicted to Percocets after a complicated labor. A friend of De Guio’s allegedly told police that Amanda was addicted to heroin.

Only a week after her disappearance, she was reportedly seen at a pharmacy buying Oxycontin under a false identity.

It also came to the attention of investigating authorities that De Guio wore wigs, chunky and gaudy jewelry, and sometimes changed her name. She is reported to have used Stacy, Gianna and Adrianna as aliases, but there have been no leads related to this.

Tracking Amanda De Guio’s Whereabouts

As the investigation began, many revelations of De Guio’s lifestyle were made.

A week before Amanda’s disappearance, the family went to Disney World. At the time, Nicole believed her sister to be happy and normal. She reportedly even had a conversation with Amanda about fixing her teeth and wearing nicer clothes.

But when they came back, trouble seemed to have followed.

After seeing the missing persons flyer on social media, an old friend claimed to have seen Amanda in a second-floor apartment in Swarthmore. She said that Amanda was living with an “older man,” possibly in his 40s. The woman claims that Amanda said she was working for the man, but didn’t really understand the nature of her job.

Two years since her disappearance, news came out that local police found a body in Ridley Creek State Park. Sgt. Michael Chitwood, who has been heading this investigation, believed that the skeletal remains were Amanda De Guio’s.

However, after working closely with the forensic department, it was confirmed that, due to a mismatch in shoe size, the body was not hers.

The De Guio family is still optimistic about finding Amanda, and don’t want to believe that she could be dead.

There is a $5,000 reward offered to anyone who can help lead police to Amanda De Guio. Authorities are encouraging anyone with information to call the Upper Darby Police Department at 610-734-7693, or email [email protected]