Alicia DeBolt: The Kansas Cheerleader Brutally Murdered by Adam Longoria

The severely charred corpse of Alicia DeBolt was found in Kansas in 2010. Her murderer, Adam Longoria, was convicted two years later. Now, the gruesome murder of Alicia DeBolt will be explored in the May 8 episode of Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery. Read all about this teen’s life cut short here.

Who Is Alicia DeBolt?

Alicia DeBolt, 14, was a cheerleader in Great Bend, Kansas. In August 2010, an employee at a Venture Corp. asphalt plant in central Kansas found her charred body.

DeBolt was last seen just before midnight on August 21, 2010 when she left her house to go to a party. Her family reported her missing the next day. The teenager’s body was discovered two days later. 

Authorities initiated a search for the missing teen, which ended with the discovery of her burnt corpse. Her body was burnt beyond recognition, and the coroner had to rely on dental records to confirm her identify. According to reports, there were traces of duct tape on her ankles and face.

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Alicia’s mother, Tammy Conrad, had a low chance of getting pregnant. So, when she had Alicia in 1995, Tammy called her “my miracle baby.”

Who Killed Debolt?

Investigators traced DeBolt’s killer to Adam Longoria, who was 36 in 2010. His arrest records show that he was born on November 23, 1973, and is currently 44 years old. He was employed at Venture Corp., whose plant was where DeBolt’s burned body was found.

Hours after searching his house, police arrested Longoria on August 27, 2010 on I-70 west of Salina, as he was attempting to flee Great Bend. He was driving a stolen white Ford Explorer.

Prosecutors claimed that Longoria was “obsessed” with the teen. They revealed a pile of evidence to prove that Longoria was guilty of murder.

He allegedly met DeBolt at a party in July 2010. The party was reportedly for Longoria’s girlfriend’s birthday.

His girlfriend had two children, who were 10 and 12 years old in 2010. They were living together for six or seven months before the murder.

Adam Longoria

Adam Longoria (Photo: Kansas Criminal Justice Information System)

His now ex-girlfriend’s brother Jeff Brown said his sister was “heartbroken.” Brown stated, “She’s torn between both ways,” adding, “the loss of the DeBolt family and the thought that she was with this man.”

Evidence Was Stacked Against Him

The prosecution team presented hard evidence against Adam Longoria to the jury. Among the evidence were several texts exchanged between DeBolt and Longoria after they met at his girlfriend’s party. The messages also revealed that he picked her up the night she disappeared. But she was mistaken in believing that he was taking her to the party.

Prosecutors also disclosed that Longoria’s semen was found mixed with DeBolt’s DNA in the vehicle he was driving that night. Video surveillance showed him buying $1.32 worth of gas on the night DeBolt disappeared.

His ex-girlfriend’s testimony further corroborated his crime. She told the jury that Longoria reeked of gasoline when he returned home that night. There was also evidence of gasoline on his gym shoes.

He often borrowed her car, a black Ford Escape, and he drove that same car when he picked up DeBolt. She said that the car smelled of gasoline, too. The car was impounded by investigators when Longoria was arrested.

She further said that Longoria attempted to wash any traces of his crime from his clothes that night. He shredded his t-shirt and asked her to dispose it off.

More witnesses testified that Longoria told them to lie about his whereabouts that night.

Adam Longoria was convicted of capital murder, and two minor charges.

Kansas Department of Corrections

Adam Longoria (Photo: Kansas Criminal Justice Information System)

Was There Another Killer?

Longoria’s defense team claimed that there was DNA evidence of another unknown male found in DeBolt’s mouth. There were also records of text messages that indicated the victim was in a sexual relationship with another boy.

They also argued that DeBolt’s DNA evidence could have been left behind in Longoria’s girlfriend’s car on an occasion before the murder. They attempted to prove that another unknown person was the killer.

But jurors were already convinced by the evidence presented by the prosecutors. The jury had to determine if he committed criminal sodomy, aggravated criminal sodomy, or attempted rape during the killing. They also considered the minor charges like theft and vehicle burglary.

Consequently, the jury found Adam Longoria guilty of capital murder on June 26, 2012. Barton County District Court Judge Hannelore Kitts sentenced him to life without parole.  As of February 23, 2018, he is serving his sentence at Ellsworth Correctional Facility in Kansas.

Tammy Conrad and Alicia DeBolt’s stepsister, Dawn DeBolt, made victim impact statements after the sentence.

“Anyone who would treat a 14-year-old child the way he did, he’s not a man. There’s no words to describe what he is,” said Dawn DeBolt.

“He not only took my miracle baby, he took part of all of our lives away,” Conrad said in her statement.

Alicia’s family started a softball team, The Aliciafied Experience, that is played in the deceased teen’s memory.