Alexandria Duval Pretended to Be Murdered Twin: Sister’s Boyfriend

Things have taken an unusual turn at the trial of Alexandria Duval, the yogi accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her identical twin sister.

A disturbing story was recounted on the second day of Alexandria Duval’s  murder trial in a Maui court. She is accused of killing her twin Anastasia in a May 2016 car crash.

Federico Bailey, Anastasia’s bereaved boyfriend, told the court that days after the death, it appeared as if Alexandria was impersonating her lost twin and coming onto him.

“She began cuddling up on me. It seemed like she was flirting with me,” he testified on January 30, 2018. “She sat down beside me really close and lay her head on my shoulder.

“She put on Anastasia’s clothes. I started talking to her about what happened. She avoided answering any of my questions.

“When I saw her in Anastasia’s dress it was disturbing. Anastasia had just worn that dress a few nights earlier.”

What Happened to Anastasia and Alexandria Duval?

Bailey, who had lived with the twins and Alexandria’s boyfriend, said he and the twins were on a camping trip together in Maui at the time of the crash. He said the sisters were fighting because Alexandria had showed up uninvited to the vacation.

Bailey said the clashing twins drove away while he was in the bathroom. He never saw his girlfriend again.

What happened next is open for debate. Anastasia, 39, was in the passenger seat and Alexandria was behind the wheel when their SUV careened off a cliff.

Alexandria was hospitalized in critical condition. Anastasia was pronounced dead at the scene.

Alexandria Duval has plead not guilty to her sister’s murder, saying the crash was an accident. The prosecution contends that she committed second-degree murder.

Witnesses said they saw the sisters arguing while driving on Maui’s scenic Hana Highway, a twisting, narrow route along the coastline of the island.

One witness told police he heard a woman screaming in the car, and that the passenger was pulling the driver’s hair and the steering wheel.

The SUV accelerated, crashing into a rock wall before careening over the cliff and falling 200 feet to the shoreline.

The twins had only recently moved to Hawaii from Utah, where they owned a yoga studio. They had several run-ins with law enforcement in Utah for alleged offenses such as drunken driving.

In 2014, they changed their legal names from Alison and Ann Dadow to Alexandria and Anastasia Duval.

The trial continues.