Adoptive Parents Now Charged in 2011 Murder of Erica Parsons

Adoptive parents Casey and Sandy Parsons went on “Dr. Phil” to supposedly seek help in finding their missing daughter in 2013. Now they have been charged in the murder and dismemberment of 13-year-old Erica Parsons.

Thirteen-year-old Erica Parsons seemed to have disappeared off the map in 2011. Her adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, claimed she’d gone to live with a blood relative. But they lost touch and then began to look for her in 2013. Now, in 2018, the Salisbury, North Carolina residents have been charged with first-degree murder, felony child abuse, felony concealment of death, and felony obstruction of justice.

The pair, who are already in jail for tax fraud, were indicted by a grand jury on Monday, February 19, 2018 in Erica’s murder. The couple were already convicted of taking federal adoption assistance money meant for Erica long after she disappeared.

What Happened to Erica Parsons? The Truth Comes Out

At the Parsons’ fraud trial, testimony of continued abuse toward Erica emerged.

She was adopted by the Parsons in 2000 and disappeared in 2011. She was first reported missing on July 30, 2013 by her older brother Jamie Parsons, not by her parents.

In August 2016, while in prison, father Sandy Parsons allegedly admitted to abusing Erica. He said the abuse included locking the girl in a closet, beating her with a belt buckle, bending Erica’s fingers back, choking her, and forcing her to eat dog food out of a can.

This admission was backed up by statements made by his son Jamie at Sandy’s sentencing hearing in 2013. Jamie testified that the whole family had abused Erica on a regular basis, pointing the finger at himself, his sister Brooke, and both their parents.

In addition to confirming the abuse, Sandy finally admitted to investigators that Erica was dead in his 2016 confession. He said that he had discarded her body on December 19, 2011. He told investigators her body was buried off Taylor Chapel Road in Pageland, South Carolina, near the home of his mother.

Parsons was escorted from the prison to help locate the body. They uncovered Erica’s remains in a shallow grave in September 2016.

Abuse, Lies, and Murder

An autopsy determined that Erica suffered extreme abuse over a period of time before being murdered and cut up.

Erica had broken bones all over her body, with fractures in various stages of healing in her nose, jaw, upper right arm, ribs, and several vertebrae. The autopsy also showed she was malnourished.

The young girl was laid to rest in February 2017 in China Grove, North Carolina.

Erica was last seen in November 2011. The Parsons said they’d taken Erica to a biological grandmother named “Nan” who lived in the Asheville area, for an extended Christmas visit. They claimed that Nan called later to say Erica wanted to live with her permanently. And then they say they lost touch.

Investigators have long held that “Nan” does not exist.

The Parsons’ son Jamie has maintained that Erica was not missing and that his parents had killed her.

The family’s attorney said she was just a “rebellious teenager who didn’t want to come home.”

The couple even went on “Dr. Phil” in 2013 to plead for help in finding Erica.

No leads came from their appearance on the Dr. Phil show. In fact, despite efforts by the Rowan Sheriff’s Office, the SBI, and FBI, the case did not break until Sandy Parsons cooperated with investigators following his fraud sentence.

No plea deal was made in exchange for the information that Sandy Parsons provided on the murder of Erica and the location of her body.