Adea Shabani: Aspiring Actress Missing from L.A.

An aspiring Macedonian actress went missing in Los Angeles, California. Adea Shabani was last seen on February 23, 2018, and the LAPD posted about the disappearance on social media on March 2, 2018. Here are the details.

Model and actress Adea Shabani has been missing for more than 10 days. Friends of hers felt that something was wrong when she stopped replying to text messages. Her Instagram account, which was otherwise updated regularly, has not been active since February 22, 2018. Here are the details of the up-and-coming star.

Where Did Adea Live?

From Macedonia, Adea Shabani, 25 lived in Los Angeles for the last two years. She went to QSI International School of Skopje in Macedonia, and the American University of Paris in France, from where she graduated in 2014.

In United States, Shabani went to Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater, according to her Instagram page.

Described as a 5’5″, white female with blue eyes, the LAPD HQ mentioned that she was last seen on 1700 block of Wilcox Avenue, and that she lived near Hollywood.

Her family is very concerned for her safety. Whether or not she was taken is still unconfirmed. But her friends and family are distraught as it is unusual for Shabani to stay off the radar for this long.

She was preparing for a glittering career in Hollywood, and often posted glamour shots and portfolio pictures of herself on social media.

The last picture she posted was a portrait of herself with a caption that read, “Focus on the powerful, euphoric, Magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you. [sic]”

What Happened to Adea Shabani?

Her 2,911 followers are leaving prayers and well wishes in the comments, but there seems to be still very little known as to what might have happened to her.

Adea Shabani’s Instagram boasts of meeting big names in the industry like Justin Beiber, Lamar Odom, Lewis Hamilton, and Chris Brown.

She worked hard on various projects, be it in school or otherwise, and now there is a sense of trouble clouding her missing case.

Since the investigation is still underway, and a lot of details are still unknown, it’s too soon to say anything about her disappearance or any possible motives.

Adea Shabani’s Facebook page is also of no assistance, as she stopped posting on the social media account in June 2017.

Now, her family is offering a reward of $25,000 for anyone who helps finds her. They are truly desperate to bring Adea Shabani home. If you spot her, or have any information that can lead to finding her, then you are urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department, or the missing person’s unit at 213-996-1800.